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January 1, 2006

January 1, 2006


Orchestral Recording

Essential Equalization

Networked Amplifiers For Live Sound

Composer Spotlight: Angelo Badalamenti

Company Spotlight: Professional Audio Design


Tools of the Trade

Field Test: Mackie Tracktion 2 DAW Software

Field Test: Universal Audio LA-3A Audio Leveler

Field Test: Submersible Music DrumCore Loop Library

Field Test: Focal SM8 Powered Monitors

Field Test: RTZ 9762 Dual-Combo Mic Preamp

Field Test: Phonic PAA3 Portable Audio Analyzer

Field Test: MOTU Traveler FireWire I/O With Preamps

Yamaha PM5D Digital Console

Sound for Picture

Good Night, and Good Luck

Entering the World of Narnia

Live Mix

All Access: Death Cab for Cutie

Local Crew: Production Logic

A Night at the Opera

Fiona Apple

FixIt: Thomas McNabb


On the Road: John Roden

Now Playing

What Is a Green Room?

Tour Profile: The Rolling Stones

Tour Profile: Jamiroquai

Tour Profile: Stuck on Staind

Tour Profile: Neil Diamond

New Sound Reinforcement Products

Recording Notes

Death Cab for Cutie

David Blumberg

Classic Tracks: Peter Frampton’s “Show Me the Way”

Cool Spins

Coast to Coast

L.A. Grapevine

Nashville Skyline

New York Metro

Ryan Greene Has a New Crush

Tantric Recording

Albini’s Electric Audio

Wolfmother Strikes

The Dubway Report

Track Sheet

Insider Audio

My Back Pages

Producer’s Desk

Jeffrey Lesser

Project Studio

Slate Run Productions

Tech’s Files

Not a Mic Preamp Shootout

From the Editor

Virtual Vintage


Letters to Mix

Current/Industry News

Get ADR or Die Trying

Quad Sale Finale

Another Road Case

Fairlight to Benefit Witness

Learning Online Tricks

Margarita Mix Goes HD

Groovemaster Upgrades With SSL

Classical Turntablism

Industry News

Pink Spiders at Electric Lady

Notes From the Net

Solo Dave Matthews