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JBL Releases Sound Reinforcement Guide

John Eargle and Chris Foreman have introduced JBL Audio Engineering for Sound Reinforcement, a reference guide that covers basic information to the latest

John Eargle and Chris Foreman have introduced JBL AudioEngineering for Sound Reinforcement, a reference guide that coversbasic information to the latest technology of line arrays and digitalsignal processing. Sections include audio basics, components, systemdesign and various applications. The book, which is distributed by HalLeonard Corporation, is now availabl

“When JBL asked us to write a comprehensive book on modern soundsystems, Chris and I were honored and daunted,” stated author Eargle.”In fairly short order, we had outlined the structure and chapterheadings, then with help from many people, this very extensive book waswritten and refined. In the end, I was amazed that we held it down to450 pages.”

“Following in the footsteps of classic audio books by Don Davis andGary Davis, we feel this reference work by Chris and John will becomethe new standard for audio professionals, educators and enthusiasts,”stated Michael MacDonald, president of JBL Professional. “John andChris have over 70 years of audio experience between them. They passalong their knowledge in a way that is very deep and technical, butstill readable and easy to understand.”

The 29-chapter book falls into four broad sections. Section one,”Fundamentals,” discusses the basics of acoustics, psycho-acoustics,electrical concepts and digital processing. Section two, “SystemComponents,” is concerned with the equipment used, includingmicrophones, consoles, amplifiers, signal processing and loudspeakers,as well as computer-based system control. Section three, “SystemDesign,” is about the technical and practical sides of system design.System layout, specifications, analysis and design are covered as wellas how to develop comprehensive customer-based analysis of their goalsand expectations. “Applications,” section four, ties it all togetherwith detailed descriptions of several types of sound systems for tour,houses of worship, auditoriums, sports facilities, etc. Six appendicesfollow this chapter.

John Eargle is senior director of product development andapplication for JBL Professional. He is the author of several books onaudio and recording. Eargle received a Grammy Award in 2001 and aScientific and Technical Award in 2002 from the Academy of MotionPictures Arts and Sciences.

Chris Foreman is VP of marketing for electronic contracting. He hasover 30 years of experience in pro audio as a sound contractor,consultant and manufacturer. He is widely published and a former editorof Sound & Communications magazine.

JBL Audio Engineering for Sound Reinforcement is available atmusic and bookstores nationwide, or through Music Dispatch(800/637-2852;