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Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis


Terry on Jimmy: I have so much respect for Jimmy as a person first, a musician second. This respect allows me to give him his freedom to do what he feels is best for his life, and in turn I get that same respect. And I think the freedom is what keeps us in a great partnership. In any partnership — a business partnership or a relationship or just a friend — it’s never 50-50. It’s whatever it needs to be, and we’ve always had the ability to adjust ourselves. We were always able to do what we felt was best — I can’t say right or wrong, because right or wrong are fleeting; that’s a moving target.
Terry Lewis

Jimmy on Terry: Terry is the most unselfish person I know. For 35 years, he’s been like the big brother I never had. He is a motivator. He doesn’t take “no” for an answer. He has a really good business mind. A lot of times, I’ll work on a project by myself, he’ll work on a project by himself, but it’s always about getting each other’s stamp of approval or adding that last little thing. I always tell people it’s like somebody built an ice cream sundae, but you need that cherry on top. It’s not about my way or your way; it’s the best way.
Jimmy Jam