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Josephson Engineering

JOSEPHSON C700August 2003—Josephson Engineering's top-of-the-line Series Seven family of variable polar-pattern mics use the company's ultrathin-diaphragm

October 2008—As part of its 20th-anniversary celebration, Josephson Engineering ( announces a 20-unit limited-edition run of its C720 condenser mic, a variant of its C700 Series. Each side of the C720’s dual-diaphragm capsule feeds its own dedicated XLR audio out so users can mix the two signals to create any desired directional pattern — from omni through wide-cardioid to cardioid, hypercardioid and figure-8 — even after the recording. Its unique open-cell, metal-alloy foam grille provides mechanical support, electrical shielding and pop filtering. Onboard electronics are derived from Josephson’s e22S mic, with a cascode front end directly driving a custom Lundahl output transformer.

November 2004—The Josephson C617 is a P48 powered microphone body designed to work interchangeably with industry- standard 200V externally biased half-inch measurement capsules. The C617 replaces the C606B and provides improved capsule powering and lower noise. Retail: $960. TO READ THE REVIEW ON THE C617SET, CICK HERE

August 2003—Josephson Engineering’s top-of-the-line Series Seven
family of variable polar-pattern mics use the company’s
ultrathin-diaphragm design and a multiple capsule system. The C700A
($4,500 with Fiberglas case) comes with a dual-diaphragm element and a
smaller omnidirectional capsule. Fed to a mixer, both outputs allow
engineers to select any directional pattern from omni to figure-8 at
the console, or both signals can be recorded on different tracks and
the pattern selection done in mixdown. A stereo version (C700S, $6,500)
has two pressure-gradient capsules placed at right angles with an omni
capsule in the middle so that any coincident-stereo pickup can be
synthesized at the mixer. TO READ THE REVIEW ON THE C700A, CLICK HERE

February 2003—The C42 and C42H ($480) from Josephson Engineering
are designed to record acoustic or amplified instruments, instrumental
ensembles, choirs, sound effects and vocals. These cardioidcondenser
mics feature discrete FET electronics and transformerless outputs.
Response is rated at 40-20k Hz. The C42’s maximum SPL handling is 135
dB; intended for close-miking, the C42H is rated at 155 dB. The mics
are housed in stainless steel with a satin finish. The manufacturer
also offers a matched pair of black-chrome-finished C42 microphones
(C42MP) in a carrying case for $1,060.