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Kelly Showers Antelope with Confetti

Tori Kelly’s recent video for Antelope Audio was engineered by Mick Guzauski.

Santa Monica, CA (July 29, 2015)—Tori Kelly’s recent demonstration performance video for Antelope Audio was mixed and engineered by Mick Guzauski using the manufacturer’s Orion32, MP32 mic pre, 10M Atomic Clock and Zen Studio.

Kelly showcases her versatility as writer, performer, arranger, instrumentalist and vocalist on the exclusive video performance. Antelope Audio can also be heard on her North American tour, which is supported each night with eight tracks playing out of Logic, through a Radial SW8 Auto-Switcher and out of an Orion32 interface.

Allwyn Kelly, Tori’s father, explains how the tour happened upon Antelope Audio: “We were in need of a stem player and I was seeking the best sounding solution to help make Tori’s performances sound just like the record,” he says. “However, because of a myriad of challenges, this is often not possible. Antelope has become my savior, so to speak, and now the backing tracks add a richness in the quality of our live performances that we’ve never experienced before.”

He continues, “It seems like most playback systems have a harsh quality to them—especially when the vocals and keyboards kick in. The Orion32 just destroys everything else we have heard and now I am hearing very natural sounding mids, as well as a tight presence in the low end.”

Kelly initially heard of Antelope through a bass player colleague and was soon connected with the company’s U.S. sales director, Marcel James. He set up a live demo of Antelope gear, highlighted by a recording session with Kelly recorded and mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Mick Guzauski (pictured below). The exclusive session, which is available on YouTube, features Kelly performing “Confetti,” a song that she originally composed, produced and recorded all by herself in her bedroom many years ago.

“When have an amazing engineer and you have all this top class equipment from Antelope you are really drawn into the end result—which was amazing,” says Allwyn Kelly.

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