Kenton MidiStream

MidiStream is Kenton’s new wireless MIDI product that includes the transmitter pack and the receiver unit.
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MidiStream is Kenton’s new wireless MIDI product that includesthe transmitter pack and the receiver unit.

MidiStream is primarily intended to be used in a live gig situationwhere it can free the live performer from the constraints of a MIDIcable. It is ideal for use with a portable keyboard such as the AX-1 orAX-7, or for use with electronic wind controllers such as the WX-5 WX-7or a portable MIDI instrument, electronic drums, accordion, etc.Another ideal application is to link a front-of-house MIDI sound orlighting desk to onstage equipment.

MidiStream has been designed specifically to address the problemsunique to MIDI data transfer. It combines a high data rate withextremely low latency and low dropout rate. The transmitter comes witha small aerial, an on-off switch, a MIDI input socket and is poweredfrom a 9-volt battery. The receiver is a free-standing diversity unit(two aerials to maximize reception) and is powered from the mains via asmall plug-top power supply. It has four status LEDs, an on/off switchand a MIDI Out socket. The whole system has an extremely low latency of2 ms, and range is at least 260 feet (outdoors).

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