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Kolb Tracks with CLASP

Brian Kolb recorded rising country star Clayton Anderson's new project in its entirety using Endless Analog's CLASP system.

L-R: Country recording artist Clayton Anderson and producer/engineer Brian Kolb with a CLASP unit.
Nashville, TN (September 13, 2011)—Brian Kolb recorded rising country star Clayton Anderson’s new project in its entirety using Endless Analog’s CLASP system.

Nashville-based producer/engineer Kolb states, “For Clayton’s project, I knew this is exactly what it needed. It just made a lot of sense for his songs to use analog tape in the recording process, and in today’s studio environment, CLASP is really what you need to make tape happen, while still using the workflow and editing tools of DAWs like Pro Tools.

“The album was self-funded on a tight budget, and we were working at Ocean Way, one of Nashville’s very best studios, so time was money. We needed to track everything—ten songs—in a single day. CLASP eliminates the need for rewinding or changing tape reels, and it makes hybrid analog/digital overdubs and punch-ins a breeze. Without CLASP, there is no way we could have accomplished these sessions using analog tape. We’d still be rewinding!”

Anderson, an Indiana native who has fine-tuned his act on the road around the Midwest and Southeast, is more than pleased with the result. “Brian explained CLASP to me during pre-production, and I was really intrigued by it. My music has always been about a grassroots fan base and an old-school live show, so the earthy, old-school sound of classic recordings that analog tape brings to the table fit these songs like a glove. I don’t have a producer’s ear like Brian does, but as soon as we started tracking, I could definitely hear the difference using CLASP, which I thought was pretty cool.

“Since the record came out this summer, a lot of fans have come up and told me how much they love the record, and how it’s a fresh sound. They can’t exactly put their finger on it, but we know that CLASP is a huge part of that.”

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