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Korean University Adds SSL

Seoul, South Korea (October 5, 2010)--The Korean National Open University (KNOU) recently upgraded its Digital Media Center's TS-1 Studio with an SSL C10 Broadcast Console.

Seoul, South Korea (October 5, 2010)–The Korean National Open University (KNOU) recently upgraded its Digital Media Center’s TS-1 Studio with an SSL C10 Broadcast Console.

KNOU is a distance learning and bi-directional video educational institution that provides over 180,000 students with content via television broadcast, web download and mobile media. The C10 allows KNOU to integrate advanced audio production with its new file-based workflow, while delivering streamlined production experience for students.

“When we made the changeover from a tape-based workflow to file based, we needed an audio console that would enhance our capabilities and the SSL C10 was our choice,” says Mr. Lee Han Uk, sound director for the KNOU Digital Media Center. “KNOU is the largest distance learning institution in Korea with 46 offices and regional learning centers nationwide and has a domestic cable television channel (OUN) for broadcasting lectures. The C10 has proved invaluable for handling audio for our rigorous lecture schedule and, especially, our panel-based productions. The C10 gives us excellent audio quality and a very positive learning experience for our media degree program students.”

The interactive nature of KNOU course offerings employs many of the C10’s advanced feature set. The live TV production studio, TS-1, works in conjunction with the VR (Virtual Reality or blue screen) studio for live multi-media and the studio set up for student questions and feedback. This virtual lecture complex feeds audio between the three studio rooms through the C10, relying on the extremely easy to use Mix-Minus system and the Dialogue Automix feature.

“One of the most remarkable features of the C10 is the Dialogue Automix option that really tames our panel discussion programs,” Mr. Lee explains. “In the past, when using up to 10 wireless mics, we could only ride the level controls, keeping fully focused on trying to maintain a reasonable balance between mics. With the C10, this process is now very easy.”

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