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Korg CR-4

Korg debuted a 4-track, cassette-based recording system, the CR-4, which includes amp and effects models,

Korg debuted a 4-track, cassette-based recording system, the CR-4,which includes amp and effects models, a built-in 5-watt stereoamplifier and a pair of 8cm speakers that allow the user to monitor anin-progress recording. The CR-4 (17.08×3.94×12.6 inches, WxHxD; 11pounds) can also be used as a practice amp or cassette replaysystem.

The CR-4 features 4-track simultaneous recording and uses standardType-II high-bias cassettes. Four 1/4-inch jack inputs enable mic andline/instrument level inputs to be fed directly into the unit.

Also included is Korg’s REMS modeling technology, in which theuser can use a rotary control and select from six guitar amp models,two bass amps, an acoustic guitar EQ and two vocal mic simulators.There are 11 ToneWorks effects (plus noise reduction), includingcompression, chorus, flanging, phasing, tremolo, delays, reverb andmore. Gain, treble, mid, bass and volume controls are provided forguitar, bass, acoustic and vocal models. An Effects Depth knob is alsoprovided, along with a tap-tempo switch to set delay time andmodulation rate.

The front panel features an easy-to-use, intuitive layout. Usersdial in the desired effect and amp model, press the Effect Selectswitch on the active track and start to record. Each track includes itsown trim knob, level fader, pan control and effects switch.

Two speakers are mounted in bass-reflex enclosures for greaterfrequency range. A Speaker Mute switch and two sets of headphoneoutputs provide maximum flexibility. Two main outputs (RCA, line-level)are also included for mixdown to an external recorder.

An AC/DC adapter is also included. For more information, click here. For more product announcements, visit