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KRK Launches KNS Headphone Series

Deerfield Beach, FL (November 29, 2010)--KRK has debuted its KNS series of professional headphones.

Deerfield Beach, FL (November 29, 2010)–KRK has debuted its KNS series of professional headphones.

Both the KNS-6400 and KNS-8400 are targeted for studio engineers, studio musicians, producers and music fans. Each has a lightweight, reduced-mass structure with an adjustable low-pressure headband system. The self-aligning yoke is designed to provide a solid fit and the acoustic foam ear pads conform to the user’s head shape to aid low-end response and provide sound isolation.

Tim Dorwart, KRK CEO, states, “The development of a breakthrough KRK headphone product has been years in the making. We assembled a team of experienced designers that were given a directive to create a headphone that exceeded current performance standards. The goal was to satisfy what customers have been asking for: a headphone that closely replicates the ‘studio monitor experience’ while honoring our objective to build a product that is lightweight, comfortable and competitively priced.”

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