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L-Acoustics U.S. Launches Pro Tour Seasoning Leasing Program

OXNARD, California - April 2003 -- L-Acoustics U.S. (Oxnard, Calif.), in partnership with Accent Leasing, announced a new leasing program created for

OXNARD, California – April 2003 — L-Acoustics U.S. (Oxnard,Calif.), in partnership with Accent Leasing, announced a new leasingprogram created for the professional touring sound reinforcementindustry.

Known as the Pro-Tour Seasonal Leasing Program, the L-Acoustics U.S.financing plan differs from other leasing programs by being based onthe typical seasonal cash flow common to the sound reinforcement/rentalbusiness. With this program, the lessee makes payments for nine monthsof the year, and then only makes $100 maintenance payments in December,January and February: the three months when cash flow from touroperations ebbs to the lowest point. This allows the tour sound companyto more appropriately focus remaining cash flow on other operationalcosts during that period.

“With our new leasing program, touring companies have the financialpower to get the gear they need on a payment plan that truly makessense for their industry,” said L-Acoustics U.S. director of sales andmarketing Paul Freudenberg. “We currently offer five complete systempackages that combine our various respected speaker systems withrigging, cabling and amplification, as well as two packages sans theamplifiers. Companies can also choose to customize packages to meetspecific needs if they wish. Whatever the case, all systems are readyfor immediate delivery.”

For more information on the Pro-Tour Seasonal Leasing Program,contact Freudenberg at [email protected].