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Lapsis Captured On Location with Sanken

Miking on Lapsis, a science-fiction feature that recently finished principal photography, was handled with a slew of Sanken microphones.

Patterson, NY (December 4, 2019)—Miking on Lapsis, a science-fiction feature that recently finished principal photography, was handled with a slew of Sanken microphones.

Directed by Noah Hutton, the film deals with the themes of automation and corporate greed, and involved an extensive 14-day shoot in the forests of upstate New York in incredible heat and humidity, according to boom operator Ian Orlando. “All the Sanken microphones held up beautifully to every challenge we met. They sound wonderful, and they’re incredibly reliable.”

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The sound team — sound mixer Bill Pawlowski, using a Zaxcom Nomad mixer, and Orlando — utilized Sanken’s CS-M1 short shogun microphone alongside Sanken lavalier mics. “The boom mic I used for interiors, exteriors and stashing was the CS-M1, and the lav mics we used were COS-11Ds. Much of the shoot was in unbelievable heat and moisture, and everything held up incredibly well to the rough conditions,” says Orlando.

Orlando purchased his first Sanken mic, a CS-1e shotgun, one year ago. “I bought it for my own kit, and it is one of my favorite microphones in the world. Now, after working with the Sanken CS-M1, I want to keep building out a full Sanken mic kit as my sound workhorses. I loved the sound quality, the unique response, vibrance and richness of the CS-1e and it has been my primary shotgun microphone for all of my own productions.”

But when Orlando arrived for the first day of shooting Lapsis, the sound mixer provided Sanken’s CS-M1 short shotgun mic. “I immediately saw that it was substantially shorter even than the CS-1e which is itself a rather short shotgun microphone. The CS-M1 is definitely an ultra-short shotgun. In a lot of cases, we were working in rooms that had low ceilings. Being able to stand on an apple box and get that microphone right above the actor’s head, despite the ceiling height on wide shots, was phenomenally helpful.”

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Orlando also used the CS-M1 for exteriors. “You can get the reach from it that you would get from a much longer shotgun, but you have all the benefits of a short shotgun in its truest form. The side and rear rejection of the CS-M1 is one of its most impressive qualities. It’s extremely directional and you can be a good distance away on wide shots and it still pulls out the dialogue phenomenally well.”

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