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Leading Singapore Opera Theater Installs Bag End System

Considered the main venue in Singapore for Chinese opera, the Kreta Ayer People’s Theater has recently undergone a complete renovation, which included

Considered the main venue in Singapore for Chinese opera, the KretaAyer People’s Theater has recently undergone a completerenovation, which included the installation of a completely new soundsystem.

The theater had been renting a system from a local events company,but the theater’s management wanted its own professional soundsystem designed to fit the specific needs of the theater. Bell &Order Engineering Pte. Ltd. of Singapore was commissioned by thearchitectural firm of Sim & Associates to do a study of the uniquerequirements of Chinese opera performances and propose a systemsuitable not only for opera, but for other cultural performancespresented.

“Because the Kreta Ayer theater is a large performance venuewith special requirements, the objective of designing a system toprovide good, even sound distribution proved to be quite achallenge,” said Richard Lim of Bell and Order. “A Chineseopera performance requires strong vocal capability. In addition, wefaced substantial bass requirements, primarily for concerts and otherstage performances. The large range of Bag End loudspeaker productsallowed us to select an exclusive Bag End system for the entiretheater.”

Lim selected six Bag End OPAL-Is for the main front-of-houseleft/right cluster systems. “The Opals provided us with a widerange of frequencies, which covered all of our usagerequirements.” Two D18E-I double18-inch subwoofer systems werelocated at FOH, coupled with the OPALs to provide bass. To round outthe overall system, a total of 10 TA6000-I speaker systems were used assupplemental speakers to provide even distribution, and six TimeAligned TA5000CF speaker systems were selected to be stagemonitors.

Bell & Order selected ARX Systems amplifiers to power the BagEnd loudspeaker system. The system is mixed on a Soundcraft K2 audiomixing console, managed by a BSS SoundWeb digital signal processor.

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