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Lectro Owns the Next Chapter

Sound mixer Matt Vogel uses a selection of Lectrosonics gear on “Oprah's Next Chapter,” a primetime television show on The Oprah Winfrey Network.

Chicago, IL (January 15, 2014)—Sound mixer Matt Vogel uses a selection of Lectrosonics gear on Oprah’s Next Chapter, a primetime television show on The Oprah Winfrey Network.

“Our talent mics are a combination of SMQV and UM400a transmitters in conjunction with SRb receivers,” reported Vogel, a Chicago-based freelance location sound mixer and one of the principal sound engineers on the program. “I’m a fan of the small size, low power consumption, and solid performance of the SRb’s, and confidently use them in my bag now. For camera links, we use a combination of SRb slot mount receivers and UCR411a compact receivers with UM400a transmitters. And our IFB feeds are all Lectrosonics R1A receivers being fed by a single UM400a transmitter.”

Vogel elaborated, “There is a good amount of behind-the-scenes activity being shot in addition to the sit-down interviews. Each shoot consists of multiple ENG cameras, on sticks as well as handheld for breakaways or walk and talks. On larger shoots, we’ll add another mixer with additional wireless. With up to eight talent mics, several hidden backup plant mics, 20 IFBs, wireless mixes to eight cameras, and no space to hang a boom, we chose to go completely wireless for the series.”

He added, “The compact size of the SRb receivers and their ability to be powered by L mount batteries makes them an ideal wireless option for our smaller handheld cameras. I have several Lectrosonics SR sleds that mount to the hot shoe adapters on the Canon C300s, which makes the cameramen happy because they don’t have a bulky wireless setup on their camera rigs.”

Vogel concluded, “The transmitters and receivers are built like tanks. A mixer’s gear is unfortunately susceptible to being tossed around minivans and airplane cargo holds—not to mention being dropped by talent. I don’t have time for a flimsy plastic wireless device to break and go down while I’m in the field. I need my audio gear to be nearly indestructible—and Lectrosonics fits that bill.”