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Lectrosonics Gets In The Glades

Production sound mixer Mark Weber, CAS is once again using Lectrosonics equipment on A&E's police drama "The Glades," recently renewed for its third season.

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL (February 27, 2012)—Production sound mixer Mark Weber, CAS is once again using Lectrosonics equipment on A&E’s police drama The Glades, recently renewed for its third season.

Weber is a veteran film and television production sound mixer and responsible for the location sound on The Glades. His wireless microphone arsenal includes Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless systems, including four UCR411a compact receivers with UM400a and SMa transmitters. Webber has also been using the all-digital D4 wireless system (which incorporates the D4T transmitter and the D4R receiver). Additionally, he’s using four UCR205D diversity UHF analog receivers with UM200C frequency agile UHF beltpack transmitters.

“The sound department operates wirelessly, so when I purchased a Schoeps Super-CMIT digital shotgun mic for use on this show, Peter Schneider at Gotham Sound in New York suggested I try the Lectrosonics D4 system as a reliable digital audio transmission system,” Weber said. “As this microphone delivers both the original CMIT audio and a DSP noise-reduced channel in the 100 percent AES digital format, I needed a way to transmit this AES digital signal wirelessly from the boom operator to the sound cart while preserving the audio’s integrity. The Lectrosonics D4 was the perfect choice since it offers both 2- and 4-channel operation. The D4’s ability to be used as a 4-channel IFB system or discrete 4-channel wireless audio link is also useful.”