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Linn to Show New Loudspeakers at AES

Demonstrated for the first time in full-production specification at AES, the Linn 328A Monitoring Loudspeaker is the company's flagship reference loudspeaker.

Demonstrated for the first time in full-production specification atAES, the Linn 328A Monitoring Loudspeaker is the company’s flagshipreference loudspeaker.

Features include an acoustically optimized 3-K driver array;2×8-inch servo-controlled bass driver, 2x 500W bass amplifiers withactive crossovers, and 500W, 3-way active treble amplifier module withactive crossovers. The unique Linn 3-K acoustic array (patent pending)is a precision-machined component housing an optimized and acousticallymatched grouping of midrange, high-frequency and superhigh-frequencydrive units. The 3-K array is mounted with an acoustically matchedinterface, ensuring uniform dispersion and single point-sourceaccuracy. Linn’s servo-controlled bass technology delivers accurate,extended and powerful low-frequency reproduction and ensures minimaldistortion by measuring and comparing driver motion to the originalaudio signal and modifying power amplifier output to compensate for anybass driver nonlinearity. The company’s “silent power” amplification,featuring Linn’s patented “noiseless” power amplificationcircuitry, and advanced active crossovers deliver precise control ofindividual drive units completing a cool-running, hum and buzz-freemonitoring tool.

The Linn 328A is designed to be suitable for reference monitoringwithin larger control rooms in applications such as music recording,mixing and mastering, radio production, film post-production, and TVproduction and post-production. The contoured cabinet shape enablesstable console-mounting where the console meter bridge is able tosupport the unit. Alternatively, the Linn 328A loudspeaker can bemounted immediately behind the console on stands. Setup involves amains power cable and an input signal via a balanced XLR cableconnection.

In other Linn AES new, , the Linn 318A Monitoring Loudspeaker is acompact precision four-way active powered loudspeaker that is designedfor near-field applications. The Linn 318A delivers a flat and extendedfrequency response and has excellent power handling. Features includethe acoustically optimized 3-K driver array, 8-inch servo-controlledbass driver, 500W bass amplifier with active crossover, and 500W,three-way active treble amplifier module with active crossovers.

In larger control rooms, the Linn 318A will augment main monitors inmultichannel monitoring installations, and is designed to performfreestanding, either on the console meter bridge or mounted onstands.

For more, visit Linn at AES Booth #1155 or online at