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Location Sound for ‘Life After People’

Location sound engineer Ty Chu recently used Lectrosonics gear on the History Channel’s new series, “Life After People.”

Phoenix, AZ (August 4, 2011)–Location sound engineer Ty Chu recently used Lectrosonics gear on the History Channel’s new series, Life After People.

Life After People considers what might happen to our surroundings if people were to suddenly vanish from the face of the Earth. As each day, month, and year passes, the fate of a particular environment is examined in the series.

Chu’s credits include Monsters Inside Me on Animal Planet and The Universe’s Biggest Blasts on the History Channel. While he’s encountered plenty of difficult scenarios during his six-plus years in the business, the challenges of working among a congested military RF environment was an eye opener. For the shoot, he had his entire arsenal of SMDa Super-Miniature, SMa Super-Miniature, and HM plug-on transmitters, all of which employ Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless technology, as do his UCR411a compact receivers.

“Between the air traffic, radar towers, and a multitude of other communication signals, the RF environment was positively stifling,” Chu reports. “This was, without question, the most difficult RF area I have ever encountered. But I have to tell you, Lectrosonics pulled through for me and provided no dropouts–even though my whole band was taken up by military RF. The spectrum analyzer in my four UCR411a’s helped out tremendously.”

Chu uses four SMDa transmitters, two SMa transmitters, and most recently, Lectrosonics’ new HM plug-on transmitter for use with his UCR411a receivers. He said, “The company’s Digital Hybrid Wireless technology yields much higher dynamic range–without the sonic artifacts–than wireless systems using a compandor are able to offer. For all intents and purposes, the audio quality is on par with a wired microphone.”