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M-Audio Announces ‘Educator’s Guide to Music Technology’

M-Audio’s Educator's Guide to Music Technology, written by educator Stephanie Sobey-Jones

M-Audio’s Educator’s Guide to Music Technology, writtenby educator Stephanie Sobey-Jones, gives teachers a simple andstraightforward introduction to the world of digital audio. Usingnontechnical language, Sobey-Jones explains the concept of keyboardcontrollers; helps educators to determine whether PCI, USB or FireWireis the ideal solution for a specific classroom; describes how softwareprograms like Propellerhead Reason can be used to teach signal flow androuting; and much more.

The guide also outlines a variety of solutions ranging from basicMIDI control packages to sophisticated FireWire recording systemscomplete with microphones and studio reference monitors.

“More than anything else, today’s educators lack time,” commentedAdam Castillo, M-Audio’s marketing director. “We are pleased tobe able to provide complete educational solutions that require minimalsetup and yield excellent results when used in a variety ofapplications—whether in the classroom, onstage during livetheatrical performances or around campus for recording or composingprojects.”

M-Audio’s Educator’s Product Guide is now available.

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