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M-Audio G5 Compatibility

M-Audio has been working closely with Apple to ensure that all of the company’s PCI-based products will be compatible with the PCI-X architecture introduced with the PowerMac G5.

M-Audio has been working closely with Apple to ensure that all ofthe company’s PCI-based products will be compatible with thePCI-X architecture introduced with the PowerMac G5. Delta models beingredesigned for G5 compatibility include Audiophile 2496 (pictured),Delta 1010, Delta 44, Delta 66 and Delta 1010LT.

The original versions of M-Audio Delta cards operated on 5 volts assupplied by the original PCI bus standard. The newly revised cards arePCI 2.2-compliant (3.3 volts) and universally keyed, allowingcompatibility with 64-bit PCI-X standards on all PowerMac G5s. Onboardsensing technology will also allow the new Delta cards to bebackward-compatible to work in 32-bit 5-volt PCI systems. All revisedM-Audio cards will also be compatible with current and next-generationWindows machines.

If you purchased your Delta card on or after August 1, 2003, thereis no charge to upgrade your card. For users who purchased their Deltacards prior to August 1, $50 upgrade fee and $5 shipping charge apply.Availability of each redesigned model will be announced on Delta owners can also receive upgrades to G5 compatibilityimmediately.

In other company news, M-Audio’s new FireWire 410 is aFireWire-compatible audio/MIDI interface that offers a 4-in/10-outconfiguration with preamps, ideal for personal recording, routingdiscrete outputs to a mixer or directly driving a surround soundsystem. The onboard ASIO 2-compliant mixer and software control panelprovide total routing flexibility, including monitoring with externaleffects. Users also get ultralow latency software monitoring andzero-latency hardware direct monitoring. Two headphone outs withindependent level controls let the user collaborate with a partneranywhere, anytime. FireWire 410 can also be completely bus-powered formobile operation.

Features include 2×8 24-bit analog I/O, 192kHz output (output 1 and2 only; 96kHz on others); 96kHz input; digital I/O with S/PDIF, AC3 andDTS (co-ax and optical); 1×1 MIDI I/O; powered via DC supply orFireWire bus; dual mic/instruments preamps with gain control (66 dBavailable gain) and phantom power; analog outs can directly drive up to7.1 surround; software-assigned level controller for tactile control ofall input and output levels; two high-speed FireWire ports; andrequires 6-pin FireWire port.

The FireWire 410 sports a frequency response of 20-40k Hz +/- 1 dB,signal-to-noise of108 dB, dynamic range (A-weighted) of 108 dB and THD+ N is 0.00281% @ 0 dBFS. Minimum system requirements for a PC are aPentium III 500MHz, Windows 2000/XP, 128MB RAM, DirectX 8.1 or higher.For the Mac, minimum requirements include a G3 500MHz with OS 9.2 orgreater, 128MB RAM; G4 500MHz with OS 10.1.5 or greater and 256MBRAM.

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