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M-Audio Releases Ableton Live 2.0

M-Audio (Arcadia, Calif.) introduced Live 2, a major upgrade to its Live audio sequencer, which provides musicians with a new creative environment to

M-Audio (Arcadia, Calif.) introduced Live 2, a major upgrade to itsLive audio sequencer, which provides musicians with a new creativeenvironment to record, import and arrange multiple audio loops intocomplete songs–in real time. Live 2 develops the original concept bymaking the program into a full-blown multitrack and editing suite.

In Live 2, pitch and tempo are completely malleable. Users can setor tap the tempo of audio recordings completely independent of pitch atany time during recording, performance or playback. (Live 2 also allowsrecording and editing tempo as a continuous curve.) Other featuresinclude key changes independent of tempo and application of timestretching to any kind of audio material via new algorithms.

Live 2 also allows for the user to record unlimited takes of audioon an unlimited number of tracks directly into the Arranger or Sessionview. Additions to Live’s onboard processing include effectspresets, new gate and redux effects, and new filter modes for the AutoFilter. (As with its predecessor, Live 2 also supports VST to extendthe program’s processing abilities.) A host of other new featuresinclude: Rewire support for seamless integration with Reason and otherprograms; automation enhancement; both traditional solo and pre-faderlistening modes; input gain settings; mono/stereo selectors in Busview; improved file management; and multiport MIDI reception.

New performance-related features include: refined MIDI and computerkey mapping for playing sessions; assignable scene advance andtrack-launch buttons to help navigate large sets via a MIDI controllerbox; and free assignment of all transport and tempo controls.

“We’re excited to bring musicians a completely new wayof working creatively that frees them from technology hassles,”said Adam Castillo, M-Audio’s marketing director, “and we thinkpeople are ready for a program like this. Just think of how many timespeople have had to re-record their tracks because they were at thewrong tempo or in the wrong key. Live 2’s ability to change thoseparameters on-the-fly is huge.”

M-Audio is the exclusive distributor of Ableton Live in NorthAmerica, Latin America and the UK. Live 2 will be available this monthand carries an MSRP of $399. Upgrades for users of Live 1.0 through 1.5are available for $69 (download) or $89 (boxed). New users to Live 1.5or 1.0 after November 1, 2002, are eligible to download a free upgradeto Live 2.0.

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