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M-Audio Shipping Studiophile SBX Sub

Designed to work with the BX5 active bi-amplified reference monitors and Studiophile BX8s, M-Audio’s Studiophile SBX subwoofer is now shipping.

Designed to work with the BX5 active bi-amplified reference monitorsand Studiophile BX8s, M-Audio’s Studiophile SBX subwoofer is nowshipping.

Custom bass-reflex cabinet design with subfrequency port allows theSBX to produce astounding bass for its size, delivering power andaccuracy to low-frequency reproduction. Applications include roundingout a professional-quality surround reference system, multichannelproject studios or high-quality home-theater surround sound.

The SBX delivers a frequency response of 30 to 180 Hz.M-Audio’s Stereo Bass-Management System splits the signal at thevariable crossover frequency, routing everything below to the sub andeverything above to the satellites. The SBX can also be used as astand-alone subwoofer.

The SBX (156×10.63×12 inches, 36 pounds) uses high-qualitycomponents and design principles throughout, including 120-wattdedicated power amplifier, 8-inch low-frequency driver withmineral-filled polypropylene cone, high-temperature-tolerant voicecoils and damped rubber surrounds. Rear panel controls are alsoprovided for level, phase, subwoofer crossover frequency (50 to 180 Hz)and satellite crossover frequency (50 to 180 Hz). The SBX accepts bothXLR and 1/4-inch TRS balanced/unbalanced inputs, with XLR outputs forboth satellites and an additional subwoofer for even more bass.Internal circuitry provides protection against overheating and hardclipping. The unit also features an auto-power mode that automaticallyturns the power on when a signal is present and then back off after aperiod of inactivity.

The SBX currently has an MSRP of $499.95. For more information,visit M-Audio online at more new products, visit