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M-Audio Ships ProSessions Liquid Cinema Series

M-Audio, a manufacturer of creative tools for computer-centric musicians, is proud to announce shipment of the new ProSessions Liquid Cinema series of sample CDs.

M-Audio, a manufacturer of creative tools for computer-centricmusicians, is proud to announce shipment of the new ProSessions LiquidCinema series of sample CDs. Produced by renowned composer JeffRona–whose credits include Traffic,Homicide: Life on theStreet,Black Hawk Down,Chicago Hope,The MothmanProphecies–these new volumes of ProSessions Sound and LoopLibraries are designed to provide inspiration for any creativeproject.

“Over the years I have developed a method of scoring for film,TV and records that keeps things fresh, interesting andcinematic,” says Rona. “I continually develop palettes ofsounds and rhythms that I can draw from for the project at hand. Like apainter, they’re my palettes of colors before I touch a brush tocanvas. I’ve collected many of these unique sounds—andcreated a lot of brand new ones—and put them together in LiquidCinema. This collection delivers excitement and inspiration for film,television, commercials, music production, trailers andgames.”

Liquid Cinema features the following volumes:

Cinematic Ambience, a broad collection of beds, drones, pads andwashes; Cinematic Impact, massive hits and whooshes; Cinematic Pulse,hard-hitting unusual rhythms designed to create dramatic impact anddrive energy without drums—dark, frenetic, melodic and worldly;Junkyard Sessions, fresh percussive performances using found objects;Tabla Science, tight tabla and dholki grooves from a master studiopercussionist; The Hollywood Players: Late Night Sessions (Volumes 1,2), retro-jazzy funk stylings from all-star session players deliveredon isolated drum, bass and keyboard tracks.

Liquid Cinema is now shipping. Each volume sells for $49.95.

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