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M-Audio Ships Sonic Reality Sonic ReFills

M-Audio is now shipping 15 new volumes of Sonic Reality’s Sonic ReFills for Propellerhead Reason.

M-Audio is now shipping 15 new volumes of Sonic Reality’sSonic ReFills for Propellerhead Reason. Performed by top sessionplayers in world-class studios, this collection includes classickeyboards, vintage drum kits, world percussion, obscure ethnicinstruments, vintage guitars/basses and more. Many are the actualinstruments used on recordings from the past half-century.

Vol. 1: Synths 1 includes phat analog, searing digital andretro rock synths, including the latest styles of electronic music.Vol. 2: Synths 2 offers rich analog pads, ethereal and moodytextures, expressive FX and a variety of atmospheric soundscapes.Vol. 3: Rhythm Section is geared for songwriters and producersthat offers highly playable guitars, basses, percussion and dynamicdrum multisamples, including fingered, picked, harmonics, mutes andmore.

Vol. 4: Pianos and Organs is a collection of authenticchromatic instruments including classic Rhodes, Wurlitzers and FMelectric pianos, concert grand pianos, B3s, Clavs and other keyboardinstruments.

Other volumes include Symphonic, OmniSoundz GM, whichis geared for Reason’s NN-XT module by adding 128 pro-quality generalMIDI orchestral/acoustic/electric/ethnic/percussive instruments,Reality Drums, Monster Drums, Vintage Drums,Instruments of the ’60s and ’70s, Retro Keys, AcousticFolk, World Percussion, Ethnic Instruments andFilm Orchestra.

“The quality mark that comes with Sonic Reality is that thesounds we use are really the sounds used on professionalrecords,” commented Sonic Reality founder and CEO David Kerzner.“We record these samples in top-notch L.A. studios and other‘in-the-know’ spots around the world. This method enablesus to bring the sounds used by professionals to somebody in a far-awayplace that would normally never have access to a rare keyboardinstrument or a drum kit in a $250/hour studio. We package all of thosesounds into extremely affordable packages so Reason users can haveaccess to real playable instruments.”

Sonic ReFills are now shipping at an MSRP of $49.95.

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