Mackie to Outsource Select Product Manufacturing

Jamie Engen, president and CEO at Mackie Designs, wrote: The purpose of this letter is to make you aware that Mackie has entered the final stages of an important transition.

Jamie Engen, president and CEO at Mackie Designs, wrote:
The purpose of this letter is to make you aware that Mackie has enteredthe final stages of an important transition. We believe this transitionwill further our position as a world-class developer, designer andmarketer of professional audio products.

For several years, Mackie has been laying the groundwork tooutsource the assembly of a number of high-volume products currentlyproduced in our Woodinville, Wash. headquarters. This transition willallow Mackie to bring more cost-effective and competitive products tomarket than ever before, while also allowing us to invest moreresources in key areas such as product development, engineering andindustrial design.

As a result of this new focus, Mackie has issued notices toapproximately 200 employees in Woodinville manufacturing who will bedirectly affected by this transition. It is important to understandthat cessation of Woodinville manufacturing is the next phase in a veryimportant and deliberate transition, and not a scaling of workforce torevenue, as industry rumors may suggest.

Manufacturing employees affected by this change will receivecompletion bonuses and severance packages based on years of service.They may also be eligible for federal help in the form of extendedunemployment benefits and retraining benefits.

As we move forward, Mackie will seek out the best possible resourcesaround the world to provide manufacturing expertise equal to our owndesign and engineering talents. In some cases, these resources will beinternal; in some cases, they will be subcontractors carefully selectedfor their ability to meet our world-renowned quality-controlstandards.

In the coming months, Mackie will introduce an unprecedented rangeof new products. These products aim to redefine the pro audio industrywith truly amazing features and value. These new products are also aclear indication of what we will be able to accomplish as a result ofour new structure.

Mackie remains committed to the creative horsepower of ourengineering, product development, industrial design and marketingteams, as well as the pace-setting standards of our sales, sales admin,support and service teams. All of these functions will remain fullyactive at the company's headquarters in Woodinville.

We feel that we have turned a significant corner at Mackie and areonce again on the path to growth. We look forward to building on thepassion and product development talents that have made Mackie anindustry leader for nearly 15 years.

Oh, and yes, Greg Mackie is still directly involved in productdevelopment at Mackie.

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