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Making Music, Making Change

Music Production for Playing for Change profiled in Mix magazine

Playing for Change” />

Johnson recording Tenzin Jigme in Dharamsala, India, for Playing for Change

Playing for Change: Peace Through Music is a documentary from Mark Johnson, recordist/director/producer and chairman of the Playing for Change foundation, which provides resources to disadvantaged musicians worldwide. The film, now out on DVD, depicts musicians all around the globe — from the Congo to Israel to Northern Ireland to Louisiana and more — performing and talking about the power of music to unite and inspire. The soundtrack is much more than a social statement, however; it’s made up of some of the finest acoustic music you’ll find, with different tracks and cultures beautifully combined. The first two singles from the soundtrack CD, “Stand By Me” and “Don’t Worry,” were mastered by Stephen Marsh in his Hollywood studio. Marsh, who works on a custom tube/discrete hybrid console developed with Steve Firlotte of Inward Connections, says, “I’m honored to really be a very tiny spoke on this project. I get to be part of something that can do a really greater good. It’s amazing that they were able to pool resources all the way, literally, from the grass roots of folk music in Africa all the way up to corporate sponsorship to marry music from disparate parts of the world.” Learn more about Mark Johnson and Playing for Change at