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Maltin Returns to DVD Conference

The Fifth Annual DVD Entertainment Conference & Showcase announced that renowned critic and writer Leonard Maltin will return for the third year in a

The Fifth Annual DVD Entertainment Conference & Showcaseannounced that renowned critic and writer Leonard Maltin will returnfor the third year in a row to moderate the Hollywood Director’sView panel discussion and Fifth Annual DVD Awards. The 5th Annual DVDEntertainment Conference & Showcase will take place August 21-22,2002, at the Universal City Hilton, Universal City, Calif.

“The name Leonard Maltin is synonymous in the popular culturewith film historians,” said Charles Van Horn, president of theInternational Recording Media Association (IRMA), a co-producer of theevent. “His ongoing association with our DVD Entertainmentconference as moderator of the Director’s Panel and host of theDVD Awards is a fruitful relationship that lends a one-of-a-kindpassion for the motion pictures on any format, but especially onDVD.”

Maltin is in his 20th season as film historian and correspondent forthe television show Entertainment Tonight, and is now co-hostingthe weekly movie review show Hot Ticket. His annual paperback,Leonard Maltin’s Movie & Video Guide, is considered astandard film reference around the world. Maltin’s other titlesinclude The Great American Broadcast and Of Mice and Magic: AHistory of American Animated Cartoons. “I’ve enjoyed hostingthe awards ceremonies and filmmaking panels the past two years and lookforward to another session this summer,” said Maltin. “TheDVD boom is big news this year, and I’m delighted to be associated withan event that celebrates the home video format of choice for a growingnumber of movie buffs.”

The Fifth Annual DVD Entertainment Conference &Showcase—an executive-level seminar and showcase of DVDtechnologies for studios, labels, producers and facilities involved inthe creation, production and distribution of DVD-Video, -Audio and -ROMentertainment titles—is the longest-running full-service DVDconference/showcase. It is co-produced by the International RecordingMedia Association (IRMA) and United Entertainment Media’sMedialine magazine.

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