Manhattan Center Studios

311 West 34th Street New York, NY 10001 212/695-6600 x201

SPEC SHEET Company Name: Manhattan Center Studios.
Company Contact: Victor Moore, Vice President of Audio Salesand Production.
Services Offered:
Audio recording and mixing, 5.1 surround mixing,film scores, orchestral recording, digital audio editing, videoproduction, video post-production, online digital video editing, Webpage design and construction.
Main Technology Platforms:
Neve VR consoles (2), Pro Tools, Sony3348, Studer, Avid.
Partial Client List:
Virgin Records, Sony Pictures, InterscopeRecords, Elektra Records, Columbia Records, Mandalay Pictures, VH-1,Island/Def Jam, Paramount Pictures, Sony Classical.

Manhattan Center Studios
311 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Tel.: 212/695-6600 x201
Fax: 212/564-1092


Few studios in New York play equally strong roles in preserving thecity’s media history and in propelling its media future. ManhattanCenter Studios is one of those special few. The facility's heritage isremarkable: It opened at the turn of the 20th century as the ManhattanOpera House, under the guidance of Oscar Hammerstein, father oflegendary theatrical composer Oscar Hammerstein Jr. In mid-century, thebuilding was purchased by the Masons and additional floors were added.This provided New York not only with an opera house (now known as theHammerstein Ballroom) but also with a world-class acoustical space, theGrand Ballroom, which was used by Broadway casts and conductorsincluding Leonard Bernstein. These changes also paved the way for thefacility’s development as a multiple-studio complex.

The Grand Ballroom (Studio 7), Manhattan Center's renowned scoringstudio, has a Neve VR 96-equipped control room and a simply awesome,gigantic 94x98-foot music room with a 60x80-foot stage. On oneoccasion, it was able to hold the entire Metropolitan Opera orchestraand choir simultaneously for a recording performance, and it has becomea favorite of many scoring composers and film directors.

"The acoustics of the Ballroom are quite extraordinary," observesVictor Moore, Manhattan Center's Vice President of Audio Sales andProduction. "The Masons had very specific construction techniques, andthey imparted this space with a sound which is remarkably warm, yetretains great punch and clarity."

Being one of the city's jewels of scoring and orchestral work wouldbe enough to secure the Grand Ballroom a berth in the top tier of mediastudios. However, the facility has expanded significantly intomultimedia applications in recent years. In addition to a second audiostudio (Studio 4), equipped with a Neve VR 72 console, Manhattan Centeralso offers video production and both audio and video post-productioncapabilities. There is an audio editing suite (Studio 8) that houses aDigidesign Pro Tools system, and two online Avid/Sony digital videoediting suites. In addition, the facility holds two fully equipped andbroadcast-operational television stages with control rooms, one ofwhich is the nerve center for New York's cable Metro Channel. All ofthe media control rooms, post suites and acoustical recording spacesare networked via fiber, allowing post to proceed even as productionsremain in progress.

Moving further into multimedia, Manhattan Center two years agoinaugurated a new division, Manhattan Center New Media, whichspecializes in Web page design and construction.

"The studio has evolved into a comprehensive, soup-to-nuts mediafacility over the last decade," says Moore. "But while the diversity ofcapabilities we have here is sizable, what I truly believe setsManhattan Center apart is the fact that it had this tremendous historyas a performance space behind it. The place has a vibe that can't beduplicated just with technology. It's truly a part of New York history,and in the process, we continue to make history here."

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