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Maroon 5 Exposed to Royer

A significant part of Maroon 5's sound on the band's latest album was captured using ribbon microphone technology from Burbank, CA-based Royer Labs.

Los Angeles, CA (September 19, 2012)—A significant part of Maroon 5’s sound on the band’s latest album was captured using ribbon microphone technology from Burbank, CA-based Royer Labs.

L.A.-based Noah “Mailbox” Passovoy served as producer on five tracks and engineer on all tracks of the band’s latest recording, Overexposed. Passovoy, who also engineered the band’s number-one smash hit, “Moves Like Jagger,” used an assortment of Royer Labs microphones, including the R-121, R-122 active ribbon, R-122V vacuum tube model, as well as the SF-12 stereo ribbon and SF-24 stereo active ribbon models.

“Over the years, I’ve become a big fan of Royer ribbons,” Passovoy reports. “I consider them an invaluable complement to my recording process, giving warmth and a high degree of sonic accuracy that really brings out the best in a performance. I’ve become very fond of the R-121 and R-122V for miking the electric guitar cabinets. Depending on the sound I’m looking to capture, I’ll frequently pair one of these mics with a Shure SM57 and the sound that I’m able to achieve is nothing short of incredible. I love the fact that I can position the ribbon mic right up close to the grille in order to achieve the sound I want. When it comes to miking electric guitar, I’d have to say the Royer R-122V has become my ‘go-to’ microphone.”

“A big part of that sound,” Passovoy continued, “is directly related to the Royer mics’ ability to handle high SPL. I love the sound of a ribbon mic, but with many of them, if you place it anywhere near a guitar cabinet, it’s going to fold. By contrast, Royer mics can be placed right on the grille and the mic will just take everything you throw at it. Further, the R-121 and R-122V have a really wonderful midrange that is exactly what you want when recording electric guitars. The guitar comes through just as it should. With either of these mics, the instrument sounds just like I want it to.”

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