Martin Audio Adds to Stadium Series

Martin Audio has increased its Stadium Series line with three new enclosures
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Martin Audio has increased its Stadium Series line with three newenclosures: the AM10, AM12 and AM15 (pictured). These AM Seriesloudspeakers have been designed for use in stadiums and arenas wherehigh SPL and weather resistance are critical. All three enclosuresfeature a vertical trapezoid design that is horizontally formatted toreduce sightline obstruction. A new plastic paint finish, a galvanizedand powder-coated steel grille with a Declon™ foam backingensures that the enclosure is waterproof.

The AM10 uses a 300-watt 10-inch (250mm) low-frequency driver with a1-inch (25mm) exit high-frequency compression driver mounted on arotatable 90°x50° constant directivity horn. The AM12 has a300W 12-inch (300mm) LF driver with a 1-inch (25mm) exit HF compressiondriver mounted on a rotatable 80°x50° constant directivityhorn. The AM15 (shown) has a 400W 15-inch (380mm) LF driver with a1.4-inch (35mm) exit HF compression driver mounted on a rotatable80°x50° constant directivity horn.

Connection to the enclosures is via a flying lead secured through awaterproof gland. All internal metalwork is galvanized for addedprotection. The enclosures all have 12x10mm threaded inserts fittedwith copper-coated and blacked steel bolts. Each loudspeaker is fittedwith a passive crossover network, and is also available with anoptional 50W or 150W 70-volt line transformer; tapping adjustments aremade via spade terminals that are accessed through a removable rearpanel.

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