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Mastering Revolution

Lorenz Vauck (pictured) is the man behind the computer at XARC Mastering (Dresden, Germany), where he provides low-cost, fast-turnaround mastering services to an international clientele.

Lorenz Vauck (pictured) is the man behind the computer at XARCMastering (Dresden, Germany), where he provides low-cost,fast-turnaround mastering services to an international clientele. Hefounded XARC in 1999 after years of working in sound for televisionbroadcast.

Vauck runs XARC out of a home studio, where he uses a proprietarysystem and listens on KRK Expose monitors, but XARC’s real home is theInternet. Vauck receives and conveys projects online and uses onlinechat to interact with clients. One of XARC’s most high-profilesuccesses has been with the BAFTA-nominated score for the gameRepublic: The Revolution. Vauck worked with veteran musiccomposer James Hannigan, who says that video game projects usually donot allow time or money for music mastering. However, the music forRepublic was recorded in disparate locations, so Hannigan neededa mastering engineer who could step in quickly and help bring cohesionwithout sacrificing dynamics.

“I started receiving the first tracks around 5 p.m. and thelast one at around 9 p.m.,” Vauck says. “While James wasmixing at Pinewood Studio in London, he sent me the tracks. After along night with James assisting me in real time via ICQ, the master wasfinished for him to download at around 7 in the morning!”

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