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Mat Mitchell Adopts ATC Monitors

Mitchell recently mixed The Beta Machine’s forthcoming debut album on his new ATC SCM45As.

N. Hollywood, CA (April 19, 2018)—Producer and musician Mat Mitchell recently mixed The Beta Machine’s forthcoming debut full-length on his new ATC SCM45As at his private studio space in N. Hollywood.

Mitchell is a producer and an all-things tech, having toured the world on behalf of Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Katy Perry. He’s also lead guitarist and producer for Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan’s band, Puscifer. When not on the road, Mitchell works out of a studio centered on an SSL 6000E/G+ console with Apogee Symphony II converters and tons of outboard gear.

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Mitchell previously recorded an EP, All This Time, for The Beta Machine, a project featuring A Perfect Circle’s Matt McJunkins and Jeff Friedl. But before he finished the band’s debut full-length, he replaced his NS-10s with a new pair of ATC SCM45A monitors.

“I’m pretty old school, and I used NS-10s forever,” he said. “I always had good results because I knew how to work with them, but recently I was listening to some of my mixes in a friend’s mastering room. It was easy to hear things that I had to really focus on to hear in my studio, and I thought, ‘you guys are having a whole different experience.’”

Inspired by the thought of having that same daily experience, Mitchell arranged a demo with Troy Manning at Vintage King Audio, Los Angeles.

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Mitchell completed the mixes for all 11 songs of The Beta Machine’s full-length on his new ATC monitors. “I think when it’s all said and done, I’m getting to the same place I used to get to, but it’s so much easier and faster,” he said. “I’m reacting to the mix and making choices much more quickly. Any problems are instantly apparent; it’s like, oh, that’s out of phase or, that needs to come down 1.5 dB. Plus, it’s more exciting.

“Once I have things in a good place, it’s fun to turn it up because the ATC’s sound so great. The imaging is wide and precise. And of course, as advertised, the ATCs translate perfectly. Every mix sounds just right on my home stereo, in my car, on my phone, and anywhere.”

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