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Mazur Favors Radial

Steve Mazur, guitar player with Our Lady Peace, is using Radial Engineering's EXTC 500 module during the writing of the band's new album.

Vancouver, BC (June 18, 2013)—Steve Mazur, guitar player with Our Lady Peace, is using Radial Engineering’s EXTC 500 module during the writing of the band’s new album.

Having recently picked up Radial’s EXTC 500 guitar effects interface, Mazur says, “I had been running tracks out of Pro Tools and processing them through stomp boxes. The results were hit and miss, but I loved the tweaking factor of it.

“I was somewhat aware that the signal impedances weren’t exactly correct but didn’t think there was much that I could do about it, then I heard about the EXTC 500. So great! Now the tracks are always at proper impedance to the pedals and the whole phase flip for different pedals is genius. A lot of pedals that I didn’t think were compatible for track processing are now all in play. I don’t see how I lived without it now!”

Mazur is a fan of the 500 series format: “It was how I started up my home studio, and more and more great stuff keeps coming out for that format, so I’ve just stuck with it. The flexibility and expansion it allows for is attractive to me and there seems to be less of a commitment when using 500 series stuff-you’re not stuck with some big, expensive hulking unit if you decide that you want to change it up or aren’t satisfied.”

He also likes the portability of the format: “I’ve taken my lunchbox to a session at someone else’s studio if they had less than great preamps or compressors. It only makes me sound better and my job easier!”

Mazur is also a fan of his Radial Tonebone Switchbone (AB-Y guitar amp switcher) and his Tonebone Twin-City (buffered AB-Y with Drag load correction) for his live performances.

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