mediaHYPERIUM studios Purchases SSL XLogic 5.1 Compressor

Los Angeles-based mediaHYPERIUM studios, a facility primarily creating 5.1 SACD re-releases and internal classical and jazz productions, has purchased the first Solid State Logic XLogic 5.1 Compressor

Los Angeles-based mediaHYPERIUM studios, a facility primarilycreating 5.1 SACD re-releases and internal classical and jazzproductions, has purchased the first Solid State Logic XLogic 5.1Compressor (pictured) to handle final mix signal dynamics. The newoutboard XLogic 5.1 provides a linkable approach to surround soundcompressing with flexible metering and level monitoring of compressioninteraction.

“We were on the lookout for an integrated compressor that wasbuilt from the ground up to handle 5.1 situations,” said TedWhite, chief engineer for mediaHYPERIUM. “While otherboutique-type manufacturers have tagged together 5.1 compressors fromexisting stereo and mono models, SSL has taken their 5.1 compressorfrom the XL 9000 K Series console that was specifically designed forsurround mixing and HD audio and put it in a rack package. This clearlymakes the XLogic the compressor of choice.”

mediaHYPERIUM Studios has formed an alliance with PhilipsElectronics where mediaHYPERIUM is the reference facility for SuperAudio CD releases in the United States. They also completed 32 releasesthis year for Concord Records. “We have a 56-channel console thatdrives a large multichannel Pyramix DSD workstation,” said White.“The XLogic 5.1 compressor will add several benefits to oursystem. First, the degree of control over all six channels is superior.The metering can tell you where the energy is within the surround fieldso we can apply the right amount of compression in the right locationto yield maximum levels for a mix before overload. Second, we will gainthe sonic quality and character of the compressor that SSL is so famousfor when we pass our program signals through the unit. And, finally,the compressor has the necessary bandwidth and clarity to match theSACD specification.”

mediaHYPERIUM will be using the XLogic 5.1 Compressor on upcomingre-releases on SACD from Vanguard and Sugar Hill, including SineadO’Connor, Rodney Crowell and Buddy Guy, as well as the new RayCharles release for Concord Records. According to White, B.B. King,Billy Joel, Natalie Cole, Diana Krall and Van Morrison have signed onto perform duets with Ray Charles for the 5.1 SACD.

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