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Melbourne’s Multitrax Updates with Audient

Long-running Aussie studio updates audio offerings with an Audient desk.

Melbourne, Australia (June 18, 2018)—Multitrax Studio in Melbourne recently replaced its original console, hand-built by co-owner Shane Alley, with an Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition mixing console with Dual Layer Control.

When it became clear that it was time to update the studio’s offerings, Shane, his brother, producer/engineer Ray, and their business partner Brett Owen decided that an Audient desk would help broaden their offerings, enabling their regular clients to continue working all-analog, while allowing new users to integrate digital technology. “Apart from our digital effects and outboard gear, we have always been an all analog studio, and that will continue to be our main flow of work,” says Ray.

Audient’s DLC enables integration with creative DAW control and automation, along with eight moving faders that can be banked across the entire session and offers control features like transport control, track record enable and plug-in selection/editing.

“It has made a hell of a change to our standard of work,” continues Ray. “The customers love it, as do the freelance engineers who were in just last week. Everybody comments on what a great looking desk it is, too.”

Starting out as musicians back in the day, the brothers quickly found themselves drawn to the other side of the glass. “We were encouraged to sit in on sessions and learn the ropes of recording. At that time, there were no courses to learn it, but we were trained over the next two years in all aspects.” Teaching themselves and steadily investing in technology, in the early years they worked their way up, recording first on 4-track machines, then 8-track and finally 16-track with a 2” optronic recorder—an Australian-built machine.

Next year, they plan to purchase another Audient Heritage desk

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