Meyer Sound UPJ-1P

The new UPJ-1P compact VariO loudspeaker is the first Meyer Sound product to feature a rotatable horn for placement and arraying flexibility.

The new UPJ-1P compact VariO loudspeaker is the first Meyer Soundproduct to feature a rotatable horn for placement and arrayingflexibility. In just a few minutes, the 80°x50° UPJ-1P VariOhorn can be rotated-in the shop or in the field-to provide optimumcoverage whether the cabinet is placed horizontally or vertically.

"Thanks to the VariO horn, the UPJ-1P can be placed as needed tokeep a low profile or fit into a tight space," said Tim Chapman, MeyerSound's director of marketing. "It also accommodates those last-minutechanges in installed sound applications, and allows A/V rentalcompanies to reduce the number of different types of loudspeakersneeded in inventory because one box does double-duty."

The self-powered UPJ-1P is compact (11.25x22.31x12.25 inches, WxHxD)and produces a peak power output of 130 dB SPL @ 1 meter. Its cabinetcontains a 10-inch neodymium-magnet cone driver and a 3-inch diaphragm(0.75-inch exit) compression proprietary driver. The internal 2-channelClass-A/B power amplifier incorporates complementary power outputstages and provides a total output of 300 watts.

A number of different QuickFly® rigging options allow theUPJ-1P to be mounted or flown as either single cabinets or in arrayedconfigurations. Available rigging hardware includes mounting brackets,arraying adapter plates, yokes and accommodation for a variety ofpole-mount flanges. The UPJ-1P can be ordered with the optionalRMS™ remote monitoring system module to allow comprehensivemonitoring of all key internal parameters from a remote Windowscomputer.

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