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Midas Verona

Midas’ very first 8-bus console, the brand-new Verona was designed from the ground up by the same team responsible for the company’s Heritage 3000

Midas’ very first 8-bus console, the brand-new Verona wasdesigned from the ground up by the same team responsible for thecompany’s Heritage 3000 and XL4, and comprises six models rangingfrom 24 up to 64 inputs.

Sonically, a brand-new premium performance mic amp design with veryhigh CMR performance provides simple, noise-free connections, and everychannel offers highly accurate and musical swept 4-band EQ.Mechanically, Verona’s rigid chassis construction is designed forlong-term reliability, whether on the road or in a fixed installation.Verona may be easily set up for either front of house or monitors; thegroup/aux changeover switch allows the choice of any combination of theaux outputs to be controlled via a 100mm fader including insert point.This flexibility is supported by the front panel Aux EQ defeat switch:When pressed, any auxes assigned pre-fader will be sent pre-EQ.

According to David Cooper, director of sales and marketing for Midasand Klark Teknik, “This is the first time we’ve had an8-bus console in our portfolio, and we are anticipating enormous demandfor it. Anyone who has ever used a Venice and loved it will be evenmore enamored of the Verona: You get more inputs, more features, moreversatility and that all-important Midas quality in a compact but trulyprofessional package. It’s available as an install or touringpackage and will comfortably handle anything from rock ’n’roll to theater to corporate applications and houses of worship. Ifyou’re in the market for an 8-bus console, Verona shoulddefinitely be on your shortlist. You won’t bedisappointed.”

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