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MidCoast Makes Music with Metric Halo

The production music company has been using MH gear on tracks recording in its headquarters and around the country.

Milwaukee, WI (April 25, 2018)—Chris Hanson, guitarist, executive producer and owner of MidCoast Music, has been using Metric Halo products for recording new material in his production music company’s dedicated studio and on location around Milwaukee and elsewhere.

“We have two main catalogs at MidCoast Music: MidCoast Music Artist Songs and the MidCoast Wired Catalog,” said Hanson. “The Artist Songs Catalog features artists and bands who have a life outside the world of production music, and we work with them to craft and record material that satisfies the requirements for production music while retaining the soul of their original creations. The Wired Catalog is more traditional production music created by composers with production music in mind at the outset.”

Metric Halo Is High Sierra Ready

In addition to its core group of musicians, MidCoast Music draws on a talent pool that includes Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver), Robben Ford (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis), Joe Bonamassa, Roscoe Beck (Leonard Cohen), Jon Cleary (Michael Jackson), Victor De Lorenzo (Violent Femmes) and many others.

In the studio or on the road, Hanson makes use of Metric Halo hardware A/D and D/A conversion, Metric Halo preamps and Metric Halo Production Bundle plug-ins. MidCoast Music owns four Metric Halo LIO-8 converters (8 in/out each), one Metric Halo ULN-8 preamp/converter (8 in/out), one Metric Halo 2882 interface (8 in/out) and one Metric Halo ULN-2 preamp/converter (2 in/out). The ULN-8, 2882, and ULN-2 regularly travel with Hanson for remote recordings, and two of the LIO-8s are ready to travel as well for remote sessions that require large channel counts.

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“All of the Metric Halo interfaces work flawlessly with all of the major DAWs, which is critical because we regularly bounce back and forth between Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Logic, soundBlade and even Cubase,” Hanson said. “That’s especially appreciated for our remote sessions, where we have plenty of other things to worry about. Having a solid Metric Halo interface that works every time makes it possible to focus on the performance and the sound, not the technical details. In addition, I love Metric Halo’s preamps—they stand up there with our high-end hardware preamps back at the studio.”

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