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Middle Atlantic Products are Quality-Assured

Middle Atlantic Products has been approved for registration of its Quality Assurance System in accordance with the International Organization for Standards

Middle Atlantic Products has been approved for registration of itsQuality Assurance System in accordance with the InternationalOrganization for Standards (IOS) 9001:2000.

Managed by TUV Essen, the third-party evaluation of Middle AtlanticProducts’ New Jersey, California and Illinois facilities verifies thatthe quality systems used to engineer, manufacture and distribute itsproducts meet international standards for quality practices.

According to Keith Carney, VP of engineering and quality assurance,”ISO 9001:2000 registration is not necessarily an end unto itself, butinstead a very important step forward in our company-wide pursuit ofquality in each and every aspect of our operations. Middle AtlanticProducts will continue to examine and re-examine ways to improve ourproducts and processes and in doing so, maintain our competitive edgebased on quality and innovation.”

Certification to ISO 9001:2000 is a model for quality assurance indesign, manufacturing and customer care. This registration applies toall products manufactured under the quality system in place at theregistered site. Registration requires demonstration of a totalquality-control system in five distinct areas: product realization,quality management, management responsibility, resource management andmeasurement, and analysis and improvement.

Following the initial registration, Middle Atlantic Products will beaudited twice yearly to ensure that the company’s quality systemcontinues to meet the requirements of IS0 9001:2000.

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