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Middle Atlantic WR Series

Unveiling a new stand-alone Roll-Out Rotating Rack System that provides a high-quality, space-saving rack solution

Unveiling a new stand-alone Roll-Out Rotating Rack System thatprovides a high-quality, space-saving rack solution for the commercialA/V market, Middle Atlantic Products announced its new WR Series. TheWR comprises a detachable rack frame that is housed in its ownprotective host enclosure. By allowing installers to roll the rack outand rotate it 60 degrees for easy access to rear equipment connections,the WR Series provides an effective solution for rooms where it isdifficult to provide space for installers to work behind the rack.

The functional roll-out rotating design saves a minimum of sixsquare feet of space per bay. In addition, the WR Series is gangable,allowing installers to maximize on room space not sacrificed toservicing and installation needs. Ample laser knockouts on the side ofthe rack allow ganging of multiple racks and cable passthrough betweeneach.

Integral cable management is handled with simplicity and ease due tothe inherently efficient design of the WR Series, including lacer barsin the rear of the enclosure. Slots in the upper rack frame accommodateVelcro ties and the rack frame features pre-punched rack-rail bracketsfor built-in cable management.

The WR Series is optimized for passive and active thermalmanagement. Engineered ventilation locations optimize passive heatconvection, while a configurable open top accepts a number of optionsfor active thermal management. Available in 44 and 37 space rack-frameheights, structural features of the WR Series boast a 26-inch usabledepth with the overall rack frame being housed in a 32-inch-deep hostenclosure. Weight capacity is 750 pounds with proper weightdistribution.

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