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Midiman Begins Shipment of Groove Tubes Studio Mics

Midiman (Arcadia, Calif.) announced the shipment of the new line of Groove Tubes microphones. This all-new, American-designed lineup of studio condensers

Midiman (Arcadia, Calif.) announced the shipment of the new line ofGroove Tubes microphones. This all-new, American-designed lineup ofstudio condensers features six different models differentiated bymedium- or large-diaphragm sizes, tube of FET circuitry, and single ormultiple polar patterns.

The entire line employs sold-brass capsules. Ultra-thin evaporatedgold diaphragms yield an extremely transparent sound. These diaphragms,according to Midiman, are half as thin as its nearest competitor; 3microns on the large diaphragms and 6 microns on the medium-sizeddiaphragms.

All large-diaphragm Groove Tubes microphones incorporate thecompany’s unique Disk Resonator technology, delivering extendedfrequency response that is ideal for accurately capturing the realismof any sound source. Disk Resonator interacts with part of thediaphragm at high frequencies to extend the range of the capusletransparently, through 20 kHz and beyond. Each mic is hand-assembled,hand-tested and measured against Groove Tubes golden-reference mic;each mic must measure within +/- 1 dB of the reference mic in order topass inspection.

The new line also introduces affordable matched pairs for stereomiking; all Groove Tubes mics now ship in matched pairs without apenalty fee.

Midiman announced in January 2002 that it will begin distributingGroove Tubes mics

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