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Mielle Ezra on Miking Exteriors for Film

Capturing audio for indie films and documentaries, Mielle Ezra has her preferences when it comes to miking.

New York, NY (December 4, 2018)—Location sound mixer and location recording engineer Mielle Ezra, whose feature film and documentary credits include Dark Exorcism, April Flower, Between the Shades and Long Goodbye, tends to use Sanken CSR-2 shotgun microphones for her production sound work, particularly for exteriors.

She noted, “I use the mic on a boom pole, and I primarily use it for exteriors. I think that’s where it sounds best in its space. I will use it in interiors sometimes if I feel it’ll work in that environment, but I really love it for exteriors because I get just enough environment and just enough speaking voice—the perfect combination. I lose what I don’t want and I get what I want, but it still sounds natural.”

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The mic includes a switchable rejection of the mid and low frequency range on the side and rear, which she uses often. In the off position, the switch provides a wider image and a warmer room tone.”It’s really easy to go between the rear rejection activated and deactivated, because it’s just a switch. So, if you’re not in a noisy environment, you don’t need that rear rejection.”

Ezra first noted Sankens when she began using an entirely different Sanken shotgun mic: “A friend of mine let me try his Sanken CS-2 shotgun, and I used it on an indie feature film I was working on, and I loved it. I loved the range and I loved its reach. It sounded really, really good and was very warm.”

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That led to finding out more about the model she has now, she noted: “I went to AES and stopped at the Sanken booth and they let me try the Sanken CSR-2, the model with the rear rejection. I tested it out and I really liked it. I made them disconnect it from the preamp because I couldn’t believe how good it was. It was still really good, and I remember, the next day, I called Gotham Sound and told them I’d like to buy Sanken CSR-2s.”

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