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Miking the Improvs of Netflix’s Paddleton

Improvisations by Ray Romano and Mark Duplass captured with DPA and Wisycom.

Los Angeles, CA (June 27, 2019)—Sound supervisor Daniel S. McCoy CAS, owner and operator of ToneMesa, integrated DPA Microphones and Wisycom into his production workflow to capture the improvisational acting at the heart of the Netflix original film Paddleton, featuring Ray Romano and Mark Duplass.

DPA Microphones and Wisycom enabled McCoy to be a one-man sound crew on the set of the Duplass Brothers’ production. “It was imperative to have microphones, receivers and transmitters that I could trust in situations where I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen next. Using DPA and Wisycom on Paddleton, I never had to stop a take and I’m really proud of that,” says McCoy.

McCoy used DPA’s d:screet CORE 4061 miniature microphone along with d:dicate 4017 and 4018 shotgun microphones, reportedly making this one of the world’s first film projects to deploy the new CORE by DPA technology. “It’s amazing how the boom mics blend seamlessly with the lavs, not only in the mix on set, but also in post-production, when you need to blend them together,” says McCoy.

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“I like to use some of the bass and proximity from the omni (4061) on the body, blended with the high-audio pickup of the shotgun mic in free space to get better articulation. Using DPA’s 4000 series lavalier microphones together with the 4017 and 4018 boom mics enabled me to create a harmony of vocal and ambient sound. The actors’ dialogue blended seamlessly on top of the sounds of real neighborhoods, towns and driving. I was able to capture crisp, clean vocal audio over all that background noise and still get incredible fidelities you can hear in the film.”

For wireless, McCoy turned to his Wisycom MTP40/41 wideband bodypack transmitter paired with the MCR42-S2 dual true diversity UHF miniature camera receiver. “With Wisycom, I know that the exceptional RF range will ensure a perfect capture every time; it always amazes me how much range I can get with them,” he says.

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DPA Microphones and Wisycom further proved their reliability during a road trip scene where McCoy arranged monitoring systems in the actors’ car and follow vehicles. “We couldn’t always be within two or three car lengths of the actors’ car, but with Wisycom and DPA, that wasn’t an issue,” says McCoy.

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