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MIPRO ACT-707D Wireless Microphone System

MIPRO’s dual 100-channel, true-diversity system (high-quality supercardioid condenser handheld microphone) features a color LCD panel on wireless receiver

MIPRO’s dual 100-channel, true-diversity system (high-qualitysupercardioid condenser handheld microphone) features a color LCD panelon wireless receiver and the company’s ACT® (AutomaticChannel Targeting) technology, which allows automatic and effortlesstransmitter channel setup with a simple touch of a ACT button.

The Scan button auto-scans quickly for a clear, non-interferencereceiver channel; there are 16 non-interfering systems per frequencygroup. The digitally controlled, programmable LCD shows user’sname, group/channel, frequency, TV channel, squelch level, transmitterbattery status, RF/AF metering, mute on/off and address.

In other company news, the new MU-55HN omnidirectional, cardioidcondenser head-worn microphone (pictured) and MU-53HN uni-directional,cardioid condenser head-worn microphone (both available in black orbeige color) boast a low-profile frame with soft ear hooks around theears and are held secured with a wired band around the back of thehead. It has a patented folding design for easy storage.

The capsule and boom can be easily detached from the frame andmounted on the left or right side. The mic boom arm allows for360-degree rotation and is adjustable in length, direction and angle.Both feature a robust mini-XLR connector for wireless application.

The company’s new MI-808T transmitter features16pre-programmed, compatible UHF frequencies per frequency group; EIAstandard 19 2-inch metal housing; easy-to-read LCD panel allowsprogramming of user’s name, channel/frequency, mono/stereo andlock functions; two input level LED indicators; 90dB S/N ratio; andcombo socket for balanced and unbalanced inputs.

MI-808R Receiver features; high quality, rugged magnesium-alloyhousing construction; numeric LED channel with auto-power saverfeature; built-in audio limiter to aid in hearing protection; volumecontrol; and a long battery life.

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