The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Cables and Connectors Pro Series Patch Cords introduces the new Pro Series Patch Cords. The pro series incorporates extremely

Cables and Pro Series Patch introduces the new Pro Series Patch Cords. The pro series incorporates extremely flexible, ultra low capacitance, shielded twisted pair cable for outstanding noise rejection and frequency response. Terminations include XLR, 1/4," 3.5mm and TT (others available). Additional noise reduction is achieved with our single ended shield termination preventing ground loops and introduction of noise into unbalanced systems. This is the ideal Patch Cord for balanced and unbalanced applications.

Belden FleXnake Audio Snake CablesFleXnake Audio Snake Cables feature Belden's patented French Braid shield, provides a 10-20 percent improvement in flex life, produces lower levels of microphonic and triboelectric noise, and provides for lower DC loop resistance. The cables feature 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 pairs of high strand-count 24 AWG bare copper conductors with polyolefin insulation. Pair jacks are made of PVC and color-coded for identification.

Belden Brilliance SMPTE 311 6/2 Composite CablesDesigned for camera signal and control functions, this new 6/2 composite cable mates with industry standard SMPTE 304M connectors and assures clear, reliable transmission of audio, video and camera control functions. The new cable delivers longer transmission distances, is flexible and immune to noise, and features a CMR-rated construction for riser applications and breakout fibers. Additional features include six copper and two Breakout fiber elements, central stainless steel strength member, tinned copper 95% braid shield and Black Belflex jacket.

Gepco 5596 SeriesThe 5596 series is the most accurate cable available for transmission of all formats of AES3 digital audio, including 24-bit/96kHz. Two versions of single pair are offered, the 5596EZ and 5596M, along with a dual version, the D5596EZ. The 5596M is the premier 110-ohm digital audio cable with an extra-flexible, matte PVC jacket. The 5596EZ and D5596EZ are both designed for permanent installation and are UL listed Type CM.

Monster Cable Z-Series Speaker CableHigh-resolution speaker cables idea for passive studio monitors. These cables feature our patented Monster Locks. This system allows the user to quickly and easily change the termination of the cable assembly to accommodate any type of speaker or amplifier.

Neutrik Easycan ConnectorsAn innovative design features IDC or solder contacts - only three pieces - no set screws to lose or drop. Gold - plated contacts are standard. Self-adjusting cam lock cable clamp accepts cable ODs of 5.5 - 7 mm. Various prices for male or female, IDC or solder, plastic or metal shell.

Neutrik Rear Twist BNCsTrue 75-ohm design. Rear twist locking/unlocking using easy-to-reach soft touch boot. Screen and jacket crimp technology prevents problem of exposed grounding braid on cable assemblies. Suggested resale price is $2.11 each at 100-piece quantity.

Radial Engineering Little-ChiefThe Radial Little-Chief is an all-in-one snake system that combines the snake head, cable trunk and case as a single unit. The advantage with the Little-Chief is a considerable cost savings over similar systems, which is achieved by eliminating the multi-pin disconnect. Any choice of configuration is available including standard 40x8 with 200-ft main trunk.

Ramtech FLEX2000 Series CableDesigned specifically for the rigors of pro-audio applications. A flexalloy[TM] compound is added to the outer polyvinylchloride jacket, which allows for an extremely flexible cable that also resists abrasions and extreme temperature changes. Most crucial in manufacturing is a high- pressure extrusion technique used to guard against pair migration, a real hazard for cable that is coiled and uncoiled on a daily basis. 99% oxygen-free.

Rapco FiberOptic & Data CablesRapco now manufacturers a wide variety of fiberoptic cable assemblies and custom panels with ST, SC and MTRJ connectors. Rapco can also provide Cat5 and Cat5E high-speed copper cables and panels for data distribution.

Switchcraft 30A Panel Mount ConnectorSwitchcraft improves its HPC Series offering by producing a 30A version of the HPC panel mount connector. Featuring silver-plated copper contacts, the new design meets 30A at UL 1977 specifications. The 30A rating holds for all versions of the HPC panel mount, including straight and right angle PC and 0.250 and 0.187 Faston terminal versions. All previous part numbers remain the same.

Switchcraft HPC Loudspeaker ConnectorSwitchcraft expands its HPC loudspeaker connector line to include a 4-pole straight cord plug. Completely compatible with the Neutrik Speakon Series, the HPC cord plug offers push-to-lock design when used with the Neutrik panel mount series. Simply push the connector in and it locks securely. The HPC cord plug is capable of handling 30A. Terminations are to 0.250 Faston terminals for easy assembly.

Wireworks InstaLUX CableInstaLUX is a color-coded cable for applications that require a small diameter, easy-to-bundle, easy-to-strip and terminate cable. Two stranded, 24-gauge tinned copper conductors are covered with color-coded PVC insulation and paired to provide a low-capacitance, low-resistance signal path. Features include a twisted pair for cross-talk reduction and a 24-gauge tinned copper drain wire. Available in spools of 500 feet, InstaLUX cable has a soft, satin finish color-coded PVC outer jacket.

Wireworks MusiLUX CableMusiLUX is a full-sized, shielded microphone cable created specifically for professional use. Instead of a braided or spiral shield, MusiLUX features a black conductive thermoplastic tube. A 30-strand drain wire requires no stripping and provides easy ground termination. With no braiding to prepare, preparation time is cut by as much as 60%. MusiLUX is jacketed in a satin finish, extended service PVC. Available in 500-ft. spools and ten colors.