The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

CD/DVD Duplicating/Recording Systems Adaptec Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum Easy CD Creator Platinum is Adaptec's flagship Windows-based CD-recording software

CD/DVD Duplicating/Recording SystemsAdaptec Easy CD Creator 5 PlatinumEasy CD Creator Platinum is Adaptec's flagship Windows-based CD-recording software package. The new version has usability improvements, new audio features, new data features based on DirectCD and a new video editing application that includes an MPEG1 encoder for compatibility with Video CD Creator. Retail: $79.

Adaptec Jam 2.6Adaptec Jam is Macintosh CD-Recordable software for mastering professional quality audio CDs. Jam 2.6 offers support for USB and FireWire CD recorders, and also includes MP3 decoding technology that allows users to burn MP3 files to standard audio CD. Other features include BIAS Peak LE 2.10, updated easy-to-use interface and improved level meter interface. Jam 2.6 retails at $199.

INSC RoboCopier-600RoboCopier-600 is designed to create the most perfect digital audio mix as well as 600 CDs. The RoboCopier-600 can hold up to 30 complete CDs and 30 Complete CD print images. The unit is a true unattended pre-mastering and duplication system. Upgrade to DVD-R or 12X.

MediaFORM AP1301i-tMediaFORM's latest CD-R printer is a flexible, network-enabled print station that accommodates both thermal and inkjet printing needs up to 1200 dpi. The AP1301i-t enables high-resolution printing on 300 CDs per run, without the need for user intervention. Fully network ready and automated, this versatile NT-based printing station provides low-cost, yet high-quality CD printing in less than a minute.

MediaFORM CD RecordersThree new automated systems for economical CD-R duplication feature12x/8x selectable recording speed, anti-piracy copy protection, electronic watermarking and SmartDRIVE2. The CD-3701 single CD-R replicator is upgradeable to future CD-R/DVD technology. The CD-3703 can simultaneously copy up to three CDs without any intervention and has a 125-CD spindle. The CD-3706 allows continuous, fully automatic duplication of up to six masters at the same time.

Microboards Technology AudioWrite Pro 8AudioWrite Pro 8 is a portable, stand-alone CD Recordable System with an optional interface for both Mac and PC. Users can connect the unit directly to any analog audio source, including tape decks, LP players or stereo consoles. Audio CDs are created automatically on-the-fly, with no computer intervention.

Microtech Systems MyDisc Enterprise Publishing SoftwareMyDisc is Microtech's new software solution enabling groups of users to make data or audio CDs from their desktop. Now, groups of departments can share a network CD-R publishing system. MyDisc is easy to use: Just specify what files you want to print on the CD, then enter how many CDs you want to make. The combination of MyDisc and Microtech's ImageAutomator family of systems is analogous to using a network printer - instead of printing on paper, folks are creating their own CDs.

Microtech Systems IA150Microtech's new IA150 CD-R publishing system configured with four Plextor 12X recorders and your choice of either an Inkjet 1200dpi or thermal inline printer. The IA150 can run unattended for up to 400 blank CDs and comes with a network interface for those wanting to make custom on-demand audio CDs. The IA150 is a compact system with an attractive price starting at $11,300 for a Signature III based unit. Optional DVD-R recorders can be configured with the IA150 system.

Rimage Producer Product FamilyThe Producer Product Family provide file transferring, recording and surface printing for automated online production. All units combine DVD-R or CD-R recorders to give you maximum flexibility. All products offer full-color thermal printing that is faster and more less expensive than inkjet printing.

Sony CDR-W33 CD RecorderPriced at $799, the CDR-W33 is a 2-rackspace unit with 24-bit AD/DA converters. Onboard DSP functions include parametric EQ, limiting and Super Bit mapping, while CD-Text support allows editing and display of disc and track names. The built-in sample rate converters operate at 32 or 48 kHz. The CDR-W33 has S/PDIF (optical and co-ax) digital and unbalanced analog I/Os and supports CD-R-DA and CD-RW-DA media. A remote control is included.

Superdups Dupco CD-R MediaHigh-quality, grade A blank CD-R media. 12x certified, silver/silver. Lacquer and inkjet printable surface available (white). Excellent for audio and data CD duplication.

Tascam CD-RW2000Tascam's latest CD recorder is the CD-RW2000, offering many of the design elements of its predecessor, the CD-RW5000, and also featuring balanced XLR analog inputs and outputs, a word clock input and AES/EBU digital I/Os. The user-friendly CD-RW2000 also includes a control I/O for total control of the unit through such functions as fader starts and stops and event start.

TDK veloCDTDK's new veloCD burner provides the world's fastest writing (12X), rewriting (10X) and audio ripping (24X) speeds and is 100% multitasking compatible with new Burn-Proof, write-assurance technology, which eliminates buffer underrun errors. The new veloCD includes a new CD Blender software suite, consisting of TDK Digital Mixmaster music recording software, plus Nero 5.0 CD recording software and InCD drag-and-drop packet-writing software.