The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Computer Hardware & Peripherals Apple Computer 500MHz G4 The new 500MHz dual-processor Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine delivers up to twice the firepower

Computer Hardware & PeripheralsApple Computer 500MHz G4The new 500MHz dual-processor Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine delivers up to twice the firepower of previous G4 models. So you can now rip through complex tasks, pound digital video files into submission, and produce dynamic Web content. Not only has the Power Mac G4 effectively doubled its brainpower, it's got the muscle to match: speeds of up to 500MHz, performance measured in gigaflops, the ATI RAGE 128 Pro graphics card and built-in USB and FireWire.

Apple Two-Port USBAll three of Apple's new displays come with integrated two-port USB hubs, so attaching speakers, keyboard and mouse or other USB devices is child's play. All offer unique benefits and have convenient two-port USB hubs. If you're getting the Power Mac G4 Cube, for example, you can plug in your Apple-designed speakers with 15 watts of floor-thumping audio right into any of these three monitors, without using a power adapter.

Event Electronics EZbusEZbus is a combination computer audio recording interface, software control surface and stand-alone digital mixer. It offers 24-bit/96kHz mic/instrument/line inputs, USB I/O, ADAT optical I/O, S/PDIF I/O, dual MIDI ports and word clock. Each audio channel and the Main Mix bus features 4-band EQ and a compressor/gate/expander. Four sends per channel are provided, and the four returns can be used as additional input channels. Built-in transport controls operate computer-based sequencers and/or MMC-capable devices. Retail: $849.

Gefen Inc. CAT5-3000ex superscript *tend superscript *it CAT5-3000 extends any keyboard, video and mouse combination up to 300 feet using standard CAT-5 cables to provide a quiet and clutter-free environment. The unit can be used to extend computers with noisy fans, printers, hard drives, scanners, cameras, keyboards, mouse, etc. away from the work area. The units have versions to extend USB, 2x VGA, ADB and PS/2 connections.

Gefen Inc. ex superscript *tend superscript *it DVI-100S/RThe ex superscript *tend superscript *it DVI-100S/R, designed to extend digital displays up to 300 feet without loss of high-resolution visual quality. Since DVI (Digital Visual Interface) emerged as an industry standard for interfacing with digital displays, most display manufacturers have embraced the technology. The interface delivers high-quality images, improves PC performance and transmits data up to 1.6 GHZ.

M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496The WaveWorks, the latest card in M-Audio's highly successful Delta family, is an extremely versatile and inexpensive solution for a variety of audio and A/V needs, ranging from multitrack recording to home theater systems. The WaveWorks card offers S/PDIF and MIDI I/O, along with stereo analog I/Os on RCA jacks with 24-bit/96kHz performance. The WaveWorks card includes a powerful digital mixer/router and control over SCMS (Serial Copy Management System). Delta cards support all computer platforms and major software programs.

M-Audio Omni I/OThe Omni I/O by M Audio is a record/playback front-end for the Delta 44 and Delta 66 interface cards, joining together to form a complete system capable of adapting to many studio scenarios and providing multiple solutions within one desktop environment. The Omni I/O emulates a split console mixer design, and contains everything needed to record mics and instruments, monitor playback, add effects and mixdown. Two mic/instrument preamps can be switched to line input.

Magma 1 Slot PCI Expansion SystemThe 1-Slot CardBus PCI Expansion System promises to provide the various industries a portable solution for non-linear audio/video production. Available for OEM consideration or large volume purchases. Sold in two models, Model CB1F accommodates one full-length PCI card and Model CB1H accommodates one half-length PCI card. The system operates on 12-volt DC power, which provides the ability to run off a wall plug, car lighter adapter or a laptop battery.

Midiman MidiSport 8x8sIn addition to being a gateway to the high-speed and enormous channel capacity that USB offers, the MidiSport 8x8s may also be connected to legacy serial ports. Rock-solid drivers on both Mac and PC, full SMPTE implementation, and the ability to run multiple units simultaneously are just a few of the reasons this interface is the one to choose. Add to that stand-alone MIDI patchbay operation, a MIDI cable tester and an easy-to-read front panel design.

Radikal SAC-2KThe SAC-2K is an expandable USB/MIDI hardware control surface. It is totally automated with touch-sensitive motorized faders and LED touch encoders. All transport and editing functions are within one switch touch. There are three LCDs for parameter names and amounts. The layout allows access to as many as 160 digital tracks. Full user accessibility to setup and layout. The U.S. list price is $1,899 for 5 USB ports. It also functions as a complete synthesizer and effects programmer.

SansAmp XDIThe XDL is an instrument interface for computer sound cards, mixing consoles and SansAmp direct recording software (SansAmp PSA-1 Plug-In for Pro Tools manufactured by Bomb Factory Digital). Features include: two balanced XLR and 1/4-inch outputs; two 1/4-inch hi-Z inputs; and Normal and Bright. Low noise and advanced F.E.T. technology offers a unique bridge from guitar to computer. The unit also functions as a standard transparent active DI. Utilizes optional 9V DC power supply, 9V battery or phantom power.

SeaSound Solo EX8Integrated 24-bit/96kHz DAW system for MacOS/Windows/Linux. Beautiful anodized blue 3-rack unit features 2 high-quality mic preamps (48V phantom), real instrument preamps (guitar/bass), inserts for outboard processing, six balanced line inputs, a zero latency monitor mixer (no virtual mixer needed), clip lights and VU meters, two loud headphone amps, MIDI I/O 20, metal knobs (much better than a mouse!) and a hardware control expansion port. MSRP $1,199.

Sonorus Inc. Opto/64Opto/64 is a 1-rackspace device that can convert up to 64 streams of digital audio between the ADAT lightpipe format and 1394 FireWire. Via the ADAT interface, other devices such as A/D and D/A converters, and legacy digital audio recorders can be easily connected to the new 1394 bus. The Opto/64 is the first in a line of 1394-based professional audio products from Sonorus.

Sound Devices LLC USBPreA complete, high-performance, portable microphone interface for hard disk recording. USBPre is the direct connection between microphones and computers. Features include 48V phantom power; mic, line, instrument DI, or tape level input per channel; bus powering via USB; portable, all-metal chassis; 20-bit DACs; complete monitoring. USBPre is designed for computers running Windows 98, ME or 2000 as well as Macintosh OS 9 computers - both notebook and desktop.

Voyetra AudioTronAudioTron transmits and receives digital audio via a standard phone wiring to your PC, providing a new way to store, play, organize and personalize all of your audio media. Features include: D/A Conversion at 32, 44.1 and 48kHz; 16- or 24-bit resolution; signal-to-noise ratio better than 100 dB; outputs include unbalanced RCA, S/PDIF optical and co-ax, USB and Ethernet interface are optional.

Yamaha mLANDesigned for music in which electronic musical instruments and equipment, home audio equipment and multiple computers are connected to exchange data using industry-standard IEEE 1394 (Apple Computers' FireWire & Sony's i.LINK). Transmit approximately 100 channels of audio data and/or up to 256 ports of MIDI data at current rate of 100/100/400 mbps. mLAN8P connects existing MIDI and audio devices to mLAN system and CD8-mLAN installs into the YGDAI slot of an mLAN-compatible Yamaha digital mixer.