The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Computer Software AlterMedia Studio Suite V5.0 This latest version of the leading software for studio and production management features a new interface

Computer SoftwareAlterMedia Studio Suite V5.0This latest version of the leading software for studio and production management features a new interface and a faster, more intuitive Calendar/Scheduling module, including the ability to book Packages and accommodate related industries like video, TV, film, radio, DVD, mastering, Web production and equipment rentals; exporting of Invoices to quickbooks and other accounting programs, a Petty Cash module, the ability to link audio/video/picture/document files to individual records, and much more!

Beatnik Music SystemThe Beatnik Music System is a powerful collection of integrated products and technologies designed specifically to author and deliver high-quality interactive music and audio via the Internet and wireless systems. Authoring components include the Beatnik Editor for creating extremely small Rich Music Format (RMF) files, Dreamweaver Action Set, the Music Object and a JavaScipt library that exposes the many features of the Beatnik Audio Engine (BAE), the scaleable heart of the system.

BIAS Peak 2.5The premiere solution for Mac 2-track recording, editing, processing and delivery. Record and playback through any ASIO, DAE, Sound Manager-compatible audio card, or use built-in audio. Supports 32-bit files, 96kHz sample rates, VST, real-time Adobe Premiere, and Audiosuite and TDM plug-ins (TDM Edition only) support. Powerful playlist with CD burning, QuickTime movie window, SMPTE sync, extensive sampler support, multiple looping tools, built-in DSP and a Batch File Processor that integrates any series of Peak processes including plug-ins. Supports multiple file formats (including MP3, Shockwave and RealAudio) and compression codecs. Includes over 25 free VST plug-ins, built-in Waves IDR dithering, Adaptec Toast and SFX Machine Lite.

BIAS Deck 2.7Full-featured, multitrack digital audio workstation. Now includes support for ASIO hardware, offering a greater choice of hardware options than ever before. Record & playback up to 64 tracks. Also offers high-resolution mixing and automation, QuickTime movie window, SMPTE sync and more.

Bitheadz Unity DS-1 Version 2.0The Unity DS-1 Digital Sampler imports and plays stereo multisamples in a variety of popular formats with stunning realism that only digital sample playback can provide. Unity DS-1 includes over 300MB of samples and supports real-time playback from a MIDI controller and/or MIDI application with up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution. Version 2.0 now supports up to 128 voices and MIDI channels, and includes new features for tempo matching and handling patch names.

Bitheadz Retro AS-1 Version 2.0The Retro AS-1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer transforms your computer into one the most powerful analog synthesizers ever devised. Retro AS-1 includes over 1,300 patches and supports real-time playback from a MIDI controller and/or MIDI application with up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution. Version 2.0 is optimized for G4 and Pentium III processors and now supports the Digidesign DirectConnect plug-in format.

Cakewalk SonarCakewalk, the leading provider of music and sound production software for the Windows platform, introduces Sonar, its next generation of professional multitrack digital audio and MIDI recording/editing/mixing software for Windows 9x/NT/2000.

Digital Audio Research FXManagerFXManager is a time-saving sound effects management interface for CDAdvance, DAR's fast-copying (40x) audio CD system offering full varispeed and scrub/reel rock facilities. FXManager enables DAR's SoundStation STORM workstations to access database information across tens of thousands of commercially available sound effects, which can be scrolled through using STORM's scrub wheel. Effects can be auditioned in context against picture and direct from CD, with the commented description of each effect being shown instantly.

Digidesign Pro Tools 5.1 LEAvailable for Mac OS and Windows 98, Pro Tools LE 5.1 powers Digidesign's Home Studio products, the Digi 001 and Digi ToolBox XP. This latest version of Pro Tools LE software adds new mixing, editing and MIDI capabilities to both systems. The Digi 001 is a complete audio and MIDI production system, with 8 channels of analog I/O, 8 channels of ADAT Optical I/O and 2 channels of S/PDIF digital I/O and a MIDI interface.

Emagic WaveBurner ProWaveBurner Pro is a new, more powerful version of Emagic's Eddy award-winning CD mastering software for the Macintosh. WaveBurner Pro features an elegant interface that sets a new standard for CD Mastering. Features include interactive waveform display, drag-and-drop PQ editing, real-time sample rate conversion and non-destructive region editing. Wave Burner Pro also includes support for 24-bit/96kHz editing, VST plug-ins, Direct I/O and ASIO, also includes a powerful collection of Emagic DSP Mastering plug-ins.

Kind of Loud SmartCode Pro EncodersSmartCode Pro[TM] streamlines the surround production process by encoding in 5.1 within Pro Tools. SmartCode Pro is available in two versions to accommodate the two most widely used surround formats: Dolby Digital[TM] and DTS[TM]. Both versions of SmartCode Pro are AudioSuite software programs that allow Pro Tools users to preview their 5.1 surround mixes in real-time 5.1, then encode and decode the mix to create a 6-channel surround master. SmartCode Pro/Dolby is $995, SmartCode Pro/DTS is $1,995.

Metric SpectraFoo RTASThe award-winning SpectraFoo visual audio metering system now includes plug-in support for Digidesign Pro Tools LE Real-Time Audio Suite. You can use SpectraFoo in tracking, recording, mixing and mastering sessions, as well as during the setup and mixing of live shows. SpectraFoo helps you get it done faster and better and is absolutely essential for broadcast and critical mixing and mastering.

Minnetonka MxTrax Native MultitraxMxTrax Native Multitrax mixing/editing software for Windows soundcards is easy to learn and use, with a track and mixer configuration that has a familiar feel. Minnetonka's build-your-own-mixer architecture lets you create customer mixers. All edits are non-destructive, with unlimited undos and redos. Project files remember all edits and automation - you can literally load a project and undo an edit you did last week.

Minnetonka Mx51 NativeMx51 Native for Windows Soundcards, Mx51 makes mixing to 5.1 Surround easy. Minnetonka's Build-Your-Own-Mixer architecture lets you make custom Surround mixers. All Surround panners can be automated. Minnetonka's unique tactile-feedback interface lets you feel surround as you hear it. Features include: adjustable panning algorithm; Virtual Center Blend control; and automatic creation of 6-track masters. Also includes built-in interface to optional SurCode program, to make it easy to encode for Dolby[R] Digital or DTS Digital Surround.

QDesign MVP 1.2MVP 1.2 is the industry's first cross platform (for Mac OS and Windows), all-in-one entertainment software application for recording from CD to QDesign Music (24 to 128 kbits/sec), MP3 (from 34 to 320 kbits/sec) and MP2 (from 64 to 384 kbits/sec) files, playback of digital music and videos (including QuickTime and AVI) and playlist management. MVP will be the first application to incorporate QDX, the first scalable secure digital music platform, in the fall of 2000.

Seer Systems SurReal Super BundleSeer Systems' Seermusic player is bundled with the 64 voice software synthesizer/sample player SurReal. The Seermusic player can simultaneously stream MIDI synth sounds and digital audio (MP3 or .WAV) over 16 tracks. Websurfers can control the volume, panning, and reverb of each track independently. The bundle includes a translator program that enables SurReal to read and play Akai and Roland Sample libraries. Ships with over 350 MB of designer techno sounds and Grand pianos. ($179 list)

Sibelius Version 1.3Sibelius is the music notation program for the 21st Century. It is designed to notate, edit, playback and publish music of every kind. It is the world's fastest and smartest. Fastest: processing happens instantly, most operations take just 1/10th of a second. Smartest: Sibelius understands how you think and work, because it's designed by musicians. Easiest: takes just minutes to learn and a few days to master.

Sonic Foundry SIRENSIREN Jukebox 2.0, 9/22/2000, Siren Jukebox 2.0 from Sonic Foundry is the complete media manager for anyone who needs to store, play, and organize audio and video on their PC. SIREN Jukebox 2.0 encodes to MP3 and Windows Media, burns audio and MP3 CDs, prints CD jewel box labels, manages and streams Internet Radio, and features a built in browser to allow users to surf the Web while enjoying their music and video.

TC Works Spark Version 2Spark 2.0, TC Works' real-time digital audio processing application for MacOS, features a completely redesigned file engine for instant undo and fast destructive edits. Real-time processing capabilities have been improved even further in this new version - the new FXmachine matrix allows configurations of up to 4 parallel audio streams with 10 Plug-ins each. Spark 2.0 includes Spark Modular, the modular virtual analog synthesizer with audio processing capabilities and VST support.

TC Works Spark XLSPARK XL is a real-time, stereo-based digital audio editor for MacOS offering real-time processing and mastering, and a unique Browser window, with integrated Wave editing, project file management and play list. Spark XL is a new high-end version of SPARK supporting Pro Tools 24|Mix and featuring audio restoration facilities. Real-time de-noising and de-clicking are now included, and Pro Tools users now also have access to TDM plug-ins from inside the application. SPARK XL includes 12 VST real-time plug-ins.

TC Works Mercury-1Mercury-1 is a Mac/PC Virtual Analog Software Synthesiser. Mercury-1 is a VST instrument monophonic synth with four engines, each of which has a dual oscillator and an additional sub oscillator. Waveforms include sine wave, saw tooth, triangle, square, PWM and noise generator. It also features Oscillator Sync and Ring Modulation, a 24 dB/octave lowpass filter with resonance, two envelope generators, key follow, gate, modulation matrix, an LFO with sine, saw tooth, square, and sample and hold all with MIDI sync.