The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Recorders/Editing Systems Akai DPS16 The DPS16 is the world's first 24-bit/96kHz 16-track digital personal studio. Standard features include a large,

Recorders/Editing SystemsAkai DPS16The DPS16 is the world's first 24-bit/96kHz 16-track digital personal studio. Standard features include a large, diagonal flip-up graphic display, 10GB internal IDE drive, 56-bit 4-channel effects processor, 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters, no data compression and much more. Akai's Q-Link Navigation, which includes real-time control knobs, provides possibly the easiest operating system on any unit of its kind. The DPS16 has introduced the masses to the 24-bit/96kHz recording world.

Akai DR16 ProThe DR16 Pro is a hard disk recorder with sophisticated editing capabilities and a 16-channel digital mixer in one. Featuring superb 24-bit sound quality and 96kHz sampling rate, the DR16 Pro is the ideal creative tool for broadcast, post-production, professional audio and music applications. Akai's new RE32 multitrack recording and editing remote provides real-time control of transport, editing and record functions for up to 128 tracks of audio and includes Akai's Superview graphic display driver.

Antex StudioCard 2000PlusThis latest generation of the Antex StudioCard series of post-production sound cards now features the enhanced performance of true 24-bit/96kHz converters and processing. The four balanced XLR analog inputs/outputs, stereo AES/EBU I/O, MIDI port and eight-stereo devices offer professional digital mixing of audio with 32-bit precision. For the video professional, absolute audio/video lip sync is achieved via SMPTE LTC and VITC with enhanced H-sync clock-locking.

Bertsch DPR32The Bertsch DPR32 is a 32-track hard disk recorder with onboard dynamics processing. This 24-bit/96k linear recorder allows for up to 32 simultaneous record tracks. Included are 32 gates, 32 comps, 32 duckers all featuring true RMS look-ahead envelope detection.

Bertsch HDREQ824The HDREQ824 is an 8-track hard disk recorder with built- in digital mixer and EQ. This 24bit/44.1k linear recorder can hold IDE drives up to 34GB. It features eight 3-band EQs with fully parametric mids. Three aux sends with digital and analog returns. Optional TDIF, SMPTE chase.

Digidesign Pro Tools Version 5.1Version 5.1 enhancements include fully integrated multichannel editing, mixing and processing, with support for all popular surround formats. New editing and mixing enhancements include support for multichannel and stereo tracks, multiple levels of undo and viewing of multiple plug-in windows in the TDM mixer. MIDI sequencing capabilities add an Event List Editor. PT 5.1 has a release date of late 2000 or early 2001 and more details and features will be available at AES.

Digidesign EditPackEditPack - a new hardware option for ProControl users - features two touch-sensitive motorized joystick panners, a QWERTY keyboard and trackball, dedicated edit buttons and encoders and high-resolution multichannel metering. EditPack supports all of the new surround features provided in the new Pro Tools Version 5.1.

Doremi V1-MP2 Digital Video RecorderThe V1-MP2 is a video disk recorder/player using MPEG-2 compression. It is three rack-units high and has full front panel controls, including jog/shuttle wheel, autolocator and audio input level controls. The V1-MP2 offers full-screen NTSC and PAL resolutions. It records frame-accurate, compressed video with up to 8 audio tracks and VITC/LTCtime code. Two RS-422 serial ports are available with Sony 9-pin protocol.

DSP Media Postation IIPostation II, an-all-in digital audio workstation for TV, trailers, commercials, ADR/Foley, film editing and foreign language dubbing. Features: Digital Audio Recording for editing and playback of 24-bit audio, Digital Video for seamless integration of random access video, Digital Mixing via 32x32 modular engine, 24-bit, scaleable to 96 inputs, comprehensive surround sound monitoring, hi-resolution touchscreen interfaces, networkable TEAM[TM] system allowing multiple users to share projects. Sexy, sleek, fast and efficient, Postation II was ergonomically designed to maximize studio productivity.

E-mu PARIS 3PARIS 3 is E-mu's new successor to the Ensoniq PARIS DAW, and features major software and hardware improvements, including new Version 3.0 software. Version 3.0 offers integrated MIDI, a dedicated waveform editor window, OMF import/export, support for 3rd party automated control surfaces and much more. The base PARIS 3 system consists of Mac/PC software, PCI card, 16-channel dedicated control surface and Modular Expansion Chassis.

Fairlight ProdigyFully integrated digital audio post-production system featuring a 24-track MFX3plus recorder/editor and all-digital automated mixing control surface in one compact, cost-effective package. Features include a 36-channel,12-bus mixer expandable to 48-channel/24-bus, 16 touch-sensitive moving faders, automated joysticks for surround panning, optional file exchange with most popular workstation formats, optional MediaLink networking, stereo and surround mixing to 5.1, dynamics on all channels, compressor/limiters on all mix buses, integrated machine control, snapshot memories of entire setup and Dolby decoder insertion.

Fostex D-2424Fostex has added a new top end to its line of stand-alone pro digital multitrack recorders with Model D-2424, a 24-track digital recorder/editor. It features 24-bit/96kHz high performance in caddy-held standard E-IDE hard drives, and 128x oversampling delta-sigma AD/DAs. It also features 32 virtual tracks and .WAV file import/export. For professional post-production applications, a full-blown SMPTE Sync package is available, complete with generator/reader and RS-422 protocol.

Fostex VF-16Fostex's new VF-16 is an all-digital, 16-track, hard drive-based multitrack retailing for $1, 399. The product's many amenities include two independent digital multi-effects processors, assignable compressors, eight virtual tracks for multiple takes, a 99-mix scene memory, three-band EQ with parametric mid and high on all 16 channels and master, eight mic inputs (two XLRs with +48V phantom), easy copy/paste editing, full MIDI implementation, SCSI backup and more.

Gadget Labs Wave/496 InterfaceThe Wave/496 comprises a PCI card with interface patch box, software drivers and support for 24-bit, 96kHz digital audio recording. It includes 4 full-duplex audio channels for analog-to-digital recording and playback and is compatible with all popular multitrack software applications. The Wave/496 interfaces to studio gear with either balanced or unbalanced connections at +4dBu or -10dBV signal levels and includes a MIDI interface.

iZ Technology RADAR 24As the inventors of the TEC-award winning RADAR, iZ Technology is proud to introduce its 3rd generation release of the popular RADAR product line. RADAR 24 has the same hit making sound and format compatibility as RADAR I and RADAR II. Enhanced operation and features include 192kHz capability, integrated graphic user interface and a reliable new BeOs operating system. Drop by booth #963 at AES L.A.

Mackie Designs HDR24/96The HDR24/96 combines a high-precision recording system with robust, intuitive editing software - just plug in an SVGA monitor, mouse and keyboard directly into the rear panel ports to start slipping tracks and making crossfades. There's never been a system like the HDR24/96 at anywhere near its remarkably affordable price.

Mark of the Unicorn 2408 MkIITwenty-four-channel audio interface for Macintosh and Windows. Eight channels of balanced, 24-bit I/O on TRS connectors. Twenty-four-channels of ADAT Lightpipe digital I/O. Twenty-four-channels of Tascam TDIF digital I/O. Stereo S/PDIF digital I/O. Word clock I/O. Sample accurate transfers via ADAT sync port on PCI-324 card. Expandable to 72 channels. ASIO 2, .WAV and .MAS drivers included. Core system includes Audiodesk workstation software for Macintosh and PCI-324 audio card. $995 (core system) $695 (I/O only).

Mark of the Unicorn 1296A 12-in, 12-out 96kHz/24-bit audio interface for Macintosh and Windows. 117dB (A weighted) S/N ratio. AES/EBU stereo digital I/O with built-in sample rate conversion. Two-rackspace steel chassis with extensive front panel metering on all inputs and outputs. XLR connections on all I/O. Expandable to 36 channels. ASIO 2, .WAV and .MAS drivers included. Core system includes Audiodesk workstation software for Macintosh and PCI-324 audio card. $2,095 for the core system; $1,795 I/O-only.

Merging Technologies Pyramix 3.1Pyramix Virtual Studio version 3.1 from Merging Technologies is a Windows 2000/NT4 PC-based audio workstation that combines multichannel audio mixing, recording, editing, effects processing and CD-R mastering. The innovative Mykerinos PCI card developed by Merging Technologies employs 32-bit signal processing for absolute sonic integrity.

Roland VS-890The VS-890 24-bit Digital Studio Workstation includes 8 tracks/128 Virtual Tracks, 2-stereo FX including COSM guitar, mic and speaker modeling, full dynamic automation and 999 levels of Undo. It adds 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, a 24-bit recording mode and a faster CD burning mode, eliminating the need to create an image file, and a dedicated CD-RW Mastering button to access the new CD archiving and burning modes and the Mastering Tool Kit.

SADiE RADiAFeaturing 4 inputs and outputs and up to 24 replay tracks at 48 kHz, the RADiA is supplied as either a single PCI card for user-configurable systems, or as a complete 19-inch turnkey hardware solution with removable SCSI audio storage. Providing a unique combination of speed, flexibility and reliability in a highly cost-effective professional package, the SADiE RADiA workstation is suitable for all serious editing applications, especially in the radio production and music editing markets. Not just another PC-based hard disk recorder, the SADiE RADiA will service a wide range of editing requirements.

SEK'D SequoiaSequoia is a high-end DAW written in totally new code recompiled for maximum performance, designed specifically for DVD-A preparation and classical editing and mastering. This new program provides a special Four Point Cut Mode, which is optimized with regard to efficient and reliable four point cuts. Sequoia provides a highly professional editor for handling real-time crossfades between audio objects of a track. Other features include 2ch 24/192 and 24/96 5.1 recording modes.

Sonic Solutions SonicStudio HD V.1.4The latest generation of the most popular CD premastering system ever provides the full range of capabilities needed to deliver 24-bit/96kHz High-Density Audio and DVD-Audio production. Designed to provide the utmost in efficiency, SonicStudio HD also provides the precision to fine-tune audio content to the most exacting specifications.

Soundscape R.Ed 24 and R.Ed 16R.Ed 24 and R.Ed 16 are aggressively priced 24- and 16-track versions of the R.Ed System for Music and Broadcast - priced at $4,500 list! Both feature a single hard drive mount and a full set of editing and mixing features. The R.Ed 16 has fewer tracks but a full selection of sync options for broadcast.

Spectral Design AudioCube 4The AudioCube 4 is a 24-bit/96kHz Mastering, Audio Restoration/Archival/Editing Workstation. The NT-based system utilizes 64/32-bit floating-point Native Signal Processing and supports networking with all open standards and supports Umatic/DDP/CDR. The AudioCube performs over 20 real-time audio restoration and mastering functions, including de-buzz, de-noise, de-ess, de-clip, de-scratch, azimuth correction, loudness maximizing, simulation of analog EQ and analog tape machine saturation and phase linear EQ with sound morphing, plus a powerful integrated editor.

Steinberg Nuendo 1.5Nuendo 1.5 combines a 200-track production facility with a fully integrated 8-channel surround mixing environment, offering host-based DSP with ASIO 2.0 support, intuitive ease of use, a full array of post-based editing features, dynamic automation of VST plug-ins and more. New for version 1.5: definable Auto Fades & Auto Crossfades; VST Virtual Studio Instruments; ReWire 2.0; Track Sheet printing; TCE Tool; DirectShow & QuickTime support; improved 9-Pin Machine Control; Macintosh OS9/OSX support and much more.

Tascam 788 Digital PortastudioOffering 24-bit, non-compressed recording to an internal hard drive, the 788 ($1,149 MSRP) features 6-track simultaneous recording and 8-track playback, with an 8-channel main mixer and 6-channel sub mixer and 8-channel cue mix. Also included are four mono balanced inputs (TRS) and one stereo input with 2-TRS phone jacks, plus stereo output, monitor output, stereo aux output and co-axial digital out. The 788 has 3-band EQ and aux and effect sends on each channel in the main mixer.

360 Systems Short/Cut 2000Short/Cut 2000 is the newest version of 360 Systems' popular 2-track disk-based editor. It now offers split-second editing and faster operation throughout. Features include independent 2-track record, insert record and cut/copy/paste editing, outstanding scrub and a large waveform display. Also included, file interchange via .WAV, .BWF, SDII and .AIFF, crossfade, gain edits, built-in speakers and a mic preamp.

Wave Digital Systems Studio001 PCTurnkey PC solution for Digidesign's Digi 001 w/Pro Tools LE. Comes preconfigured and optimized for 001, with all software, drivers and OS tweaks set to Digidesign's specifications.

WaveFrame Inc. FrameWorks/DXWaveFrame's new FrameWorks/DX Digital Audio Workstation is designed for recording, digital editing, surround mixing, CD Mastering and DVD prep. FrameWorks/DX features up to 64 channels of 24-bit audio (32 channels at 96kHz), sophisticated real-time cross fades, automated mixing, including 5.1 surround, direct output to CD-R devices or DDP tape, AVI and QuickTime digital video support, AC-3 and DTS encoding options, plus awesome DSP plug-in effects and Direct-X support. FrameWorks/DX - not just another pretty interface.

WaveFrame Inc. WaveFrame/7WaveFrame/7 is a next-generation post-production sound editing system, featuring the familiar WaveFrame interface running on our powerful new hardware platform. Based on Windows 2000, WaveFrame/7 offers 24-bit audio, sample rates to 96 kHz, automated mixing (with 5.1 surround), DSP plug-ins (including DirectX support), connection to shared storage and high-speed networks, with up to 64 channels of disk playback (32 at 96k Hz). Options include Auto Assembly, Machine Control, GPIO (ADR beeps) and MADI I/O.

Yamaha AW4416Sixteen-track digital recording, audio processing, automated mixing and stereo mastering - even sampling and sample triggering, all integrated into a single professional package. The AW4416 combines the power of the infamous 02R with 16-track hard disk recording, as well as stereo mastering capabilities that allow CD production directly from an optional CDRW drive, all in a small, tabletop design. No compromise, 16/24-bit recording, 44 available inputs at mixdown, the ability to export raw or submixed tracks in digital form, and the ability to produce both data backup and audio CDs is included.