The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Loudspeaker Products Bag End TA6000 The Bag End TA6000 is a Time-Aligned[TM], compact speech range high-output loudspeaker system that offers both high

Loudspeaker ProductsBag End TA6000The Bag End TA6000 is a Time-Aligned[TM], compact speech range high-output loudspeaker system that offers both high fidelity and high efficiency for a variety of applications. Because of its light weight (26 lb.) and trapezoidal shape, it can be flown or installed at a wide variety of angles or used as a portable unit with equal ease. The TA6000 contains a pair of low-frequency, 6.5-inch cones with a 1.5-inch voice coil and a high-frequency, bi-radial horn with a 1.8-inch titanium diaphragm. The front is covered with a black-coated 16-gauge perforated steel grille. The installation model is equipped with three rigging points.

Carvin TCS Touring Concert SystemThe TCS Touring Concert System provides the ultimate in pro sound for any venue, large or small. The loudspeakers are designed to fly together whether the same model is flown or several of the models are flown together to create the perfect coverage. Because of their power handling, the TCS systems require only half as many enclosures while still providing flawless performance at extreme levels.

Celestion CXi SeriesThe CXi Series' loudspeakers are compact speaker systems specifically designed for high-power, high-quality installations. CXi Series' loudspeakers utilize the latest low-frequency drive unit technology, including a long-gap ultra-linear motor assembly for reduced distortion and minimal power compression, combined with a regenerative flux magnet design for increased efficiency. Flying hardware options allow CXi Series to be incorporated easily into any installation.

Cerwin-Vega LR 36The LR 36 offers Cerwin-Vega "Earthquake" bass performance from a super-compact, 18-foot folded horn. Recommended for sound reinforcement, music playback, cinema sound and side-fill monitoring and all applications requiring a compact cabinet featuring high-acoustic output, low distortion and cost-effectiveness in a highly portable system. The LR 36 uses a newly designed 18-inch woofer with high output at 35 Hz and a unique bias control system for improved linearity and accurate punch.

Cerwin-Vega SUB 218The SUB 218 is a direct-radiating, dual 18-inch subwoofer featuring high-power handling and tremendous output down to 32 Hz. Performance of two subwoofers in one convenient package makes the SUB 218 a perfect choice for any installation requiring deep bass and high-power handling.

Community XLT 500The XLT 500 is a trapezoidal, full-range loudspeaker designed for optimum bass performance at an affordable price. 120dB SPL/127dB SPL (peak). Contains a 1-inch high-frequency driver and 15-inch low-frequency drivers. 97 dB at 1 Watt/1 Meter. Frequency range is 50 Hz to 16k Hz. New dual Intellisense[TM] 3-color LEDS on front and rear for worry-free operation. Rugged construction. Permanent or portable use.

Community R.5The R.5 loudspeakers are compact, general-purpose, full-range outdoor systems and are the latest addition to the popular R Series. The R.5s are two-way systems with a 12-inch LF and one-inch horn HF driver. Applications include outdoor music/page/P.A. systems and fill coverage for stadiums and arenas. Available with 90x40 and 60x60-degree patterns, they excel at projecting clear, intelligible speech and high-fidelity music. Enclosures are roto-molded, UV-resistant polypropylene with an included yoke bracket.

dbx 480R DriveRackThe dbx DriveRack complete loudspeaker management system is the first all-inclusive system that allows the user to use only one unit between the mixer and the power amps. DriveRack features include PC interface, four 31-band graphic EQs, 27 crossover types, digital delays, notch filters, parametric EQs and fully configurable signal routing.

dbx DriveRack Remote ControllersThe DriveRack loudspeaker management system is the first-ever, all-inclusive device that allows the user the convenience of using only one box. The DriveRack series 480, 481, 482 and 480R remote controllers offer control over all processing effects, including 27 crossovers, digital delays, notch filters, parametric and 31-band graphic equalizers and compressor/limiter functions.

Dunlavy Audio Labs CantataThe Cantata is a three-way acoustic suspension loudspeaker utilizing two 6.5-inch mids and one 1-inch tweeter in an MTM array and one downward firing, omni-directional 10-inch carbon-fiber woofer. Each Cantata is individually tested in an anechoic chamber and custom built to a guaranteed +/- 1dB (35-20, 000 Hz; -3 dB @ 25 Hz) frequency response. 90 dB sensitivity, 4 ohm nominal impedance. 52hx12wx12d, 85 lbs.

Dynaudio Acoustics BM5.1aThe Dynaudio BM5.1A Complete 5.1 Mixing System is a revolutionary matched set of five-powered near-field speakers and a subwoofer, offering the ultimate mixing environment for multichannel audio. The BM5.1A System consists of five-matched dual 100W-amplified BM6A 2-way near-field speakers and one active 130W BX30 Bass Extension System with a 12-inch woofer, all controlled by three precision lowpass networks calibrated to meet internal standards. Designed to meet Dolby, DTS and THX criteria for theaters.

EAW SM84The SM84 Stage Monitor is a uniquely designed new stage monitor consisting of four 8-inch woofers surrounding a 1.4-inch exit neodymium compression driver. The monitor provides a very precise 90ø vertical x 40ø horizontal coverage pattern. The wide vertical pattern provides a large field of uniform coverage for the performer to operate within, and the narrow horizontal pattern minimizes destructive interference from neighboring monitors.

EAW The E-Active SeriesEastern Acoustic Works' The E-Active Seriesis a new line of self-powered loudspeakers comprising the EA1, EA2 and EA3. The EA1 is a dual 15-inch subwoofer. The EA2 is a 2-way speaker with 15-inch woofer and a 1.4 exit compression driver on a 90 x 90 degree horn. The EA3 is a 3-way full-range loudspeaker with a 15-inch woofer, an 8-inch horn-loaded mid-range and a 1.4" exit compression driver. The EA3 is a 60x45ø loudspeaker. All E-Active Series speakers include rugged internal amplifier packages optimized for use with each specific model, featuring automatic voltage selection, signal, clip and power indicator lights, loop through and a variety of other features.

Genelec 1093A Active SubwooferThe Genelec 1093A is a compact but highly dynamic subwoofer made for professional 2-channel and multichannel surround playback environments. It features a single 10-inch magnetically shielded driver mounted in a 44-liter cabinet tuned to 19 Hz. Features include: 6.1 Bass Management system with 6 XLR I/Os for L, C, R front and L, C, R rear plus LFE In, 250 watts, phase adjustments with built-in calibration tone, LF response control, driver protection, bypass and loop-thru for chaining multiple 1093A systems together.

Hafler M-5 Passive Reference MonitorThe magnetically shielded Hafler M-5 is a compact (5.3 liter) 4th order Butterworth, vented 2-way passive reference monitor. The M-5's 5/8-inch thick MDF cabinet has an internal volume of 5.3 liters and a front firing slotted port tuning the system to 70 Hz. The 5.25-inch (133mm) M-5 mid-bass driver is both thermally and mechanically capable of handling the 200-watt system power rating. The M-5 crossover uses a symmetrical 4th order (24dB/octave) Linkwitz-Riley passive filter set at 3.2 kHz.

Hot House ASB 215The ASB 215 Active Sub-Bass System utilizes two new custom-built, 38-pound, 15-inch ultra-long-throw drivers with over two inches of linear excursion in a 35x31x22, 300-pound, heavily braced non-resonant sealed 2-inch-thick MDF enclosure. Driven by our Model Two Thousand amplifier and SBX Crossover/Controller, the ASB 215 is capable of ruler-flat, distortion-free, low-frequency performance to below 15 Hz. Negligible group delay and fail-safe driver protection guarantee highly articulate bottom-octave reproduction at peak SPLs exceeding 130 dB in pairs.

Hot House SBX Sub ControllerA new generation of high-performance, high-output super subwoofers for control room applications has been made possible by the development of the single-rackspace analog SBX. Designed for ease of room alignment and absolute driver control and protection, while delivering true audiophile sound (.001 THD, S/N > 105dB and a 180kHz highpass bandwidth), its unique lowpass Q and 360-degree phase alignment controls provide seamless integration of any combination of our subwoofers, wide-range monitors and studio amplifiers.

JBL EON15 G2The second generation of JBL's EON Series, the EON15 G2 two-way active loudspeaker system features a 15-inch neodymium Differential Drive[R] woofer and a 1.75-titanium-diaphragm compression driver. Features include 300-watt LF and 100-watt HF amplifiers, built-in 3-channel mixer, 2-band EQ, balanced loop thru/mix output and Thermomaster[R] Total Thermal Management System[R] (no external cooling fans necessary).

JBL LSR-25P Studio MonitorsThe LSR-25P is a compact, bi-amplified monitoring system with a 5.25-SFG woofer and one titanium-composite tweeter. Internal amplifiers provide 100 watts for low-frequency and 50 watts for high-frequency. The aluminum enclosure incorporates an EOS waveguide and Linear Dynamic Apertures. The LSR-25P combines JBL's latest in transducer and system technology and incorporates the LSR design philosophies. The LSR-25P provides an accurate reference for workstations, edit suites and small control rooms.

KRK Systems S8 SeriesThe S8 is a 100-watt-powered subwoofer that includes an 8-inch coated paper woofer, variable crossover, phase correction control, variable input sensitivity, XLR balanced inputs and line level outputs with a fixed 80Hz 4th order highpass filter. The enclosure features 3/4-inch MDF construction with a 1-inch MDF front baffle. The S8Si has an 8-inch Kevlar woofer, is custom finished, and features a front-panel power indicator light.

KRK Systems V4 SeriesThe V4 is a bi-amplified, 2-way monitor with a 4-inch coated woofer and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. Internal amps provide 30 watts for LF and 15 watts for HF. The 1/2-inch MDF enclosure features radiused corners and edges and comes with a Zolatone finish. The V4Si has a 4-inch Kevlar woofer, is custom finished and has a front panel power indicator light. Video shielding is standard on both models.

Mach Systems M82PThe M82P is a unique speaker enclosure combining hi-fi properties with professional ruggedness. It is a 2-way professional speaker housing two 8-inch mid-woofers, two 1-inch soft-dome horn tweeters and a 330-watt power amplifier.

McCauley Sound SM950-2The McCauley SM950-2 Three-Way Integrated PointSource Monitor is a 3-way, ultra-low-profile, high-power, high-fidelity floor monitor for touring and soundstage applications.

Meyer X-10X-10 is a self-powered, bi-amplified studio monitor capable of 136dB SPL peak output with extremely low distortion and near-ideal impulse response. Revolutionary Pressure Sensing Active Control (PSAC[TM]) technology maintains consistently linear response from the robust 15-inch low -frequency driver and dedicated 1,200W amplifier. The HF section comprises a 4-inch diaphragm HF driver with a low-distortion wave guide and 620W amplifier. Performance is characterized by wide, uniform dispersion and a neutral response free of identifying horn characteristic.

Meyer MTS-4AThe MTS-4A is a self-powered, four-way, quad-amped (2,480W total peak output) loudspeaker system capable of extremely high output levels across the full audio range without use of separate subwoofers. The four drivers (18-inch, 15-inch and 12-inch cone and 4-inch diaphragm compression drivers) are housed in separately tuned acoustic enclosures. Cone drivers are the robust new MS8xx series, and refined processing circuits keep drive signals fully in phase for increased acoustic gain, more powerful bass/drum reproduction and extended driver life.

Music Electronic 906/903/901Music Electronic offers the RL906 (near-field speaker), the RL903 (Control Room Monitor) and the RL901 (Main Monitor). All monitors feature active multi-way techniques with internal crossovers and power amplifiers. Special co-axial transducers are the basis of all professional monitors in the RL series.

NEXO PS8The PS8 is a high-powered, low-profile single-amped loudspeaker. Loaded with neodynimum driver components, an 8-inch cone low/mid and a 1-inch compression driver, the PS8 is especially suited for use with video screens or computer monitors. Freq. response of 63 to 21k Hz. Asymmetrical dispersion of 50ø-100ø H by 55ø vertical. 200W cont., 400W peak.

PMC AML-1 Studio MonitorDesigned for post-production applications, the two-way AML-1 Studio Monitor features 6-carbon, fiber-nomex, flat-piston woofers and a silk dome tweeter, oxygen-free copper wiring and 3/4-inch MDF cabinets with interchangeable face plates in a wide array of available colors. The fully active systems are powered by internal Bryston power modules (150 watts at the woofer, 100 watts at the tweeter) and crossover networks (crossover @ 2.2 kHz). Frequency response is 30 Hz-25k Hz. Sensitivity is 91 dB 1W/1m. Maximum SPL is 115 dB.

Professional Audio Systems PI8The PI8 2-way co-axial loudspeaker system from PAS is rated at 150-watts RMS with a sensitivity of 95 dB (1 watt, 1 meter). Designed for music playback, voice and paging applications, the PI8 measures 19 1/4x10 3/4x10 1/4 and weighs 21.6 pounds. The PI8 is constructed of Baltic birch plywood and has pre-installed hardware for use with an Omnimount 75 Series or Allen Products Multimount 22. It can also be mounted horizontally using the optional PAS U-bracket.

Quested SM326 CrossoverIdeally suited for either fixed or mobile installations, the SM326 is a complete stereo 3-way speaker management system in a 1U case. The versatile 2-input, 6-output analog crossover/limiter is designed for optimum sonic performance and uniquely configurable to custom requirements. Major features include phase reversal and full phase adjustment for each band, as well as an optional EQ module providing fully configurable dynamic or band EQ.

Radian 950 PBRadian introduces the new 950 PB, a 2-inch exit throat, neodymium high-frequency compression driver. The 950 PB's wide-frequency response range (500 Hz to 20k Hz), ultra-low distortion and 100-watt RMS power handling capacity make it ideal for live sound applications that require transparent high frequencies at extreme SPL levels. The 950 PB utilizes a proprietary Mylar diaphragm suspension with pure aluminum dome, greatly reducing 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion.

Radian Microwedge RMW-1122The RMW-1122, the first product of Radian's new MiicroWedge line, is a passive two-way stage monitor with a co-axial 12-inch woofer/2-inch compression driver. Rated at 500-watts RMS, the RMW-1122 has a unique, low-profile enclosure that is up to 50% smaller than comparable stage monitors. The co-axial transducer reduces the baffle area by 30-50%, resulting in an enclosure that takes up less floor space while ensuring smooth response and wide dispersion from a single, coherent source.

Renkus-Heinz PN81The PN81 is an active (self-powered), network-enabled, 2-way full-range PowerNet loudspeaker. Features include a 200W R-Control ready Class AB loudspeaker-specific amplifier, an SSL8-4 8-inch driver and an SSD1803-8 1-inch compression driver. Frequency response is 65 Hz to 18k Hz and maximum SPL is 115dB program. The unit measures 19.75x10.75x11.5 and weighs 38 pds.

Renkus-Heinz PN151The PN151 is an active (self-powered), network-enabled, 2-way full-range PowerNet loudspeaker. Features include a 300W R-Control ready Class AB loudspeaker-specific amplifier and an SSD3302-8 2-inch compression driver. Frequency response is 55 Hz to 10k Hz; maximum SPL is 121dB program. The unit measures 29.5x19x18.5 and weighs 100 lbs.

Roland DS-50A Powered MonitorsThe DS-50A is a 50-watt, bi-amplified powered reference monitor with 24-bit/96kHz digital and TRS and XLR analog inputs. Designed to integrate easily in digital studios, the DS-50A eliminates hum and noise problems associated with analog cabling, while delivering the flat frequency response needed for COSM Speaker Modeling. Available in Roland's latest V-Studios and V-Mixers, COSM Speaker Modeling enables users to hear mixes as they would sound on different speakers such as a radio, TV or boombox.

Samson Expedition SeriesThe Samson Expedition is a two-way loudspeaker enclosure offering exceptional audio performance in three different formats: passive (EX-10); powered (EX-20); and powered with built-in mixer and DSP (EX-30). Exceptionally mobile, each enclosure features a telescoping handle and locking wheels. Options for the EX-30 include a rechargeable battery, Samson UHF and VHF wireless modules, a cassette deck and wall and ceiling mounting brackets. Ideal for live sound, DJ use, corporate A/V, fixed installations and more.

Stage Accompany E 27The Stage Accompany Entertainer Series E 27 is a compact full-range speaker for installations without the need for additional bass systems. It features SA's SA 8535 Ribbon Compact Driver and a long stroke SA 1513 woofer (4-inch voice coil), guaranteeing perfect intelligibility and musical reproduction at all SPLs. The E 27 is DDC pre-wired for use with SA's amps. Maximum SPL is 127 dB and frequency response is 55 Hz-30k Hz (+/-3dB).

Tannoy i Series i5, i6 and i8Available in active and passive versions, the Tannoy i5, i6 and i8 offer indoor and outdoor options to fit most installation requirements. Active models incorporate the new ProBASH[R] amplifier technology, which uses a high-efficiency, fast-response switch-mode power supply to provide the main voltage rails for the linear Class A/B amplifiers. The compact, high-efficiency amplifiers produce large amounts of power, yet little heat. All i Series models use Tannoy's patented point-source drive unit technology.

Vergence B-20 Powered SubThe Vergence B-20 system includes two 10-inch subwoofer cabinets and a 2U stereo 250-watt RMS/channel amplifier (400 watts peak). Peak Acoustic Output is 110 dB SPL @ 40 Hz. Features include: -6dB cutoff @ 25Hz; switchable low- and highpass filters; switchable Phase Control; continuously variable gain control (0 to -20 dB); switchable subwoofer and HP defeat. Inputs are XLR and TRS. Sub enclosure dimensions are 14x14x16 and weight is 38 lbs each.

Westlake Audio Inc. Lc3w10vWestlake Audio, the leader in high-quality audio products for more than 25 years, will introduce the three-way Lc3w10V Monitor Speaker System at the 109th AES Convention, Booth 1101. The compact Lc3w10V offers extensive electro-mechanical-acoustical dampening, an integrated passive crossover for single or bi-amp operation and tremendous output.

Westlake Audio Inc. Lc 5.75A 2-way ultra-compact monitor offering precise imaging and impressive low-frequency response from a small enclosure. Applications include project studios, mobile recording studios, broadcast, post-productions and quality control rooms. Features a 5-inch woofer, 3/4-inch dome tweeter. Frequency response is 60 Hz-18k Hz, sensitivity 86 dB, impedance 7 ohm nom, 4 ohm min, power 80W continuous 200W peak.

Yorkville Sound NX20Loaded with 12-inch neodymium speaker and a unique proprietary 1-inch horn, the new NX20 loudspeaker delivers a full 350 Watts, yet weighs less than 26 lbs. Frequency response is 60 Hz-17k Hz. The trapezoid box features a recessed input jack plate and wedge monitor angle and standmount and flying hardware are included. The NX20 is protected by a two-year transferable warranty and is distributed in North America by Yorkville Sound.