The Mix 2000 AES New Products Guide

Microphone Products ADK A-51TL Large diaphragm, low-noise transformerless F.E.T. condenser microphone with four polar patterns. Identical in dimensions

Microphone ProductsADK A-51TLLarge diaphragm, low-noise transformerless F.E.T. condenser microphone with four polar patterns. Identical in dimensions to the A-51TC fixed cardioid tube mic. Frequency curves specifically designed to emulate a vintage '50's-era European condenser mic.

Advanced Sonic Concepts STM 99STM 99: Modular Band and orchestral recording microphone. Variable clamping and isolation mounting systems.

Interchangable omni, cardioid and supercardioid capsules.

AKG C2000BThe C2000B is a side address, cardioid condenser microphone with a (patent applied for) 1/2-inch active diaphragm that features high sensitivity and low self-noise similar to the best large 1-inch diaphragm mics, but at a much lower cost. Features: switchable 10dB pad, switchable 6dB/octave low-frequency roll-off at 500 Hz. Frequency response: 30 to 20k Hz. Maximum SPL for 0.5% distortion: 150 dB SPL. Equivalent noise level: 20 dB(A). Sensitivity: 20 mV/Pa.

AKG D880 Emotion Series IIA dynamic handheld mic for stage use, the D880 has a supercardioid pattern that's frequency-independent for excellent sensitivity at the front of the mic, while rejecting side and rear sounds. Features include a shock absorbing steel wire-mesh grille, integral wind and pop screen and a gold-plated XLR connector. List: $142. Frequency response: 60 to 20k Hz, Sensitivity: 2.5 mV/Pa, Equivalent noise level: 18 dB(A). The Series II Emotion Series includes the models: D880, D880S, D770 and D660S vocal microphones and the new D440 and D550 instrument microphones.

Applied Microphone Technology S25B Double Bass MicAMT's S25B Bass Microphone is designed for acoustic double-bass. It uses a very tight pattern to get extra gain before feedback, while still maintaining the natural sound of the instrument. Its quick release mechanism makes it easy to attach in seconds - no retrofitting or permanent modification to instrument needed! Positioning this mic is simplified by a flex arm, which also makes it easier to mic the acoustic bass's wide variety of sweet spots (optimum sound areas).

Audio Engineering Associates R77 LightIllumination with the look of the RCA 77 Art Deco Classic. Feature set is the same as our R44 light: internal halogen low-voltage lamp; external power supply with 20-foot cable; on/off switch on the cable.

Audix VX-10Audix's flagship handheld vocal condenser mic is designed for a wide variety of live, studio and broadcast applications. With a smooth frequency response of 40 to 20 k Hz, the VX-10 features a 16mm gold vapor diaphragm, a cardioid polar pattern, steel mesh grille screen and the trademark Audix black satin finish. Operation requires phantom power of 48 to 52 volts. The VX-10 can handle sound pressure levels of 140 dB without distortion and will additionally provide over 20 dB of ambient noise rejection for feedback control on live stages. Retail is $599, including stand adapter and external foam windscreen.

Beyerdynamic Opus 81Advanced technology has produced a new breed of microphones using condenser elements for a wider and more linear frequency response. The Opus 81 is appropriate for vocals or instruments onstage or in the studio. The element withstands sound levels of up to 138 dB without a loss of performance. Artists preferring a crisp, "transparent" quality will rave about the Opus 81. Frequency response: 50 to18k Hz; cardioid polar pattern; 12-48V phantom power.

Beyerdynamic Opus 51The Opus 51 is designed for instrument sound reinforcement and studio recording. Using its boundary effect, this microphone captures direct and reflected sounds from an instrument in perfect balance and at an equal level, taking the guesswork out of microphone placement. Perfect for use with piano, kick drum or inside a double bass. Frequency response: 30 to 20k Hz. Semi-spherical polar pattern and 11-52V phantom power.

BLUE (Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics) DragonflyComplete with an integrated elastic shockmount, this Class-A discrete, transformerless microphone offers a rotating capsule grille. The Dragonfly incorporates the BLUE handcrafted 1-inch active diameter capsule with a 6 micron mylar film, which has been sputtered with a special mixture of pure gold and aluminum. The capsule operating principle is a pressure gradient with the pickup pattern being cardioid. The Dragonfly is packaged in an attractive linen box.

CAD M177 Externally Biased CondenserResulting from over a decade of intense development, the M177 is one of the first in a new generation of CAD condenser mic. The M177 features a single-pattern version of the original Equitek E-300 externally biased capsule with a gold-sputtered, 1.1-inch diaphragm. The M177 has a high-speed, low-noise head amp, coupled with a new discrete high-efficiency power circuit. The results are extremely low noise, low distortion and fast transient response. Polar pattern: cardioid. Frequency response: 10-20k Hz. Sensitivity: 15mV/Pascal. Signal to noise ratio: 85 dBA. Self-noise: 10 dBA. Max SPL: 148 dB.

CAD M179 Externally-Biased Multi Pattern CondenserThe M179 is one of the first in a new generation of CAD condenser microphones featuring 5-point detented pattern control providing nine useable patterns, continuously variable between detents. The M179 features a gold-sputtered 1.1-inch diaphragm. The M179 has a high-speed, low-noise head amp, coupled with a new discrete high-efficiency power circuit. The results are low noise, low distortion and fast transient response. Polar pattern: continuousely variable (Omni, Figure-8, Cardioid). Frequency response: 10-20k Hz. Sensitivity: 15mV/Pascal. Signal to noise ratio: 85 dBA. Self-noise: 11 dBA. Max SPL: 148 dB.

Carvin CM87-SA multi-purpose large diaphragm studio condenser microphone. Gold-sputtered 6-micron element. FET electronics. Max SPL: 145 dB. 48V power supply. 90-ft cable and aluminum flight case included. Frequency response: 30-20k Hz. Dynamic range: 133 dB. Low cut and pad switches. Shockmount included. Dimensions: 7.5x2.75-inches. Output impedance: 200 ohms.

Coles/AEA 4038 Stereo Template and BarCoincident and near-coincident stand mounting for a pair of Coles 4038s. Features include: Blumlein (coincident) head to head mounting; Dooley/Streicher (17-cm spacing) 90ø side by side mounting; Other near-coincident spacings and angles possible; Uses AEA standard 4038 SA microphone stand adapters.

Crown CM-700MPSThe Crown CM-700MPS is a complete set for stereo miking an orchestra, choir, folk group, drum set, piano or other musical sound source. Includes a matched pair of CM-700 cardioid condenser mics, ASA-4 stand mounts, CM-SM shock mounts, WS-11 windscreens, CM-SB stereo bar, foam-lined carrying case and a template for stereo mic positioning. Mics are matched within 1.5 dB.

DPA 3541 KitThe Type 3541 is a complete microphone kit for all kinds of high-quality soloist recordings and is specially designed for the demanding requirements of everyday studio use. The kit includes interchangeable solid-state and tube preamplifiers, allowing the engineer to select between the transparency of the solid-state and the musical nature of the tube, depending on the recording requirements. The 3541 boasts excellent specs, including 144 dB maximum peak SPL before clipping, and a THD of less than 0.5% at 120dB SPL peak.

Earthworks Inc. M30BXThe M30BX is a battery-powered version of our M30 reference mic. It is accurate within +/- 1 dB from 9 Hz to 27 k Hz and runs for 1,500 hours on a single AA battery. It will drive a single-ended input just fine. A switch allows 14 dB of gain, enough to drive most sound cards directly for laptop field use.

Lawson L251Vacuum tube condenser microphone featuring a reproduction of the ELAM 251 capsule. The Lawson L251 captures the character of the ELAM 251 - a rare vintage microphone renowned and coveted for its sparkling airy highs and warm solid lows. The L251 features a true torroidal state-of-the-art output transformer exhibiting unparalleled level handling capability, vanishing distortion and extended frequency response, low-frequency contour control, variable -10dB pad and continuously variable patterns.

M. Klemme Articulated BoomAn integral joint (patent-pending) allows a new range of motions to get over the subject, over obstacles and over other booms. Offers four telescoping sections before the joint and two after, providing a reach of up to 9-1/2 feet (287 cm). Five positive locking positions: 90ø, 112.5ø, 135ø, 157.5ø and 180ø. Articulated design lets operator hold pole with one hand, with the mushroom base at the beltline, leaving the other hand free. (KA-113CCR Articulated Pole with internal coiled cord and right-angled XLR base.)

Microtech Gefell M 930mtCardioid pattern microphone with side addressed gold mylar capsule and transformerless phantom amplifier.

MXL Fox MicrophoneSupercardioid dynamic handheld mic for use on stage. Dynamic element provides good intelligibility, and directional characteristics help reduce feedback in live situations. Includes mic stand clip, shockmount and zipper pouch.

Nady Systems SCM-1000Nady's new top-of-the-line studio microphone. Represents a significant price/performance breakthrough. Features true condenser design with large pressure-gradient, gold-sputtered, ultra thin diaphragms and FET preamplifiers for warm, natural reproduction of subtle to powerful audio sources and the most accurate transient response possible. Selectable low-cut filter, 10 dB attenuation pad, multiple polar patterns (omni/cardioid/figure-8).

Neumann M150 Omnidirectional Tube MicAt AES, Neumann will debut a new version of its classic M50 mic. The new M150 combines a titanium-diaphragm, omnidirectional capsule combined with the superb transformerless tube electronics used in Neumann's popular M149 mic, for low-noise/low-distortion performance and a low-end that's only -3 dB at 16 Hz.

Rolls Corp. RPB623 Phantom HexThe RPB623 is a 6-channel phantom power supply. The single rackspace unit provides 48V phantom power to up to six condenser microphones. It has XLR inputs and 1/4- inch TRS balanced outputs and is designed to connect to digital multitrack recorders. An LED on the front panel indicates channel operation. If nothing is plugged into the channel, the LED is off. The RPB623 internal power supply is specially shielded to eliminate noise.

Royer Labs SF-1 Ribbon MicrophoneRoyer Labs introduces the SF-1 ribbon microphone, Royer's latest "modern ribbon," a compact, monaural version of its popular SF-12 stereo ribbon microphone. It uses the same ribbon element, transducer and electronics as the SF-12 and was built to satisfy engineers who like the sonic characteristics of the SF-12, but who want the option of either spreading the ribbon elements out or recording in mono without purchasing the stereo microphone.

Sabra-Sam SSM-1 Universal Shock MountSabra-Som Comercial debuts the patented SSM-1 Shock Mount for all types/sizes of microphones. The shockmount can be used with any type/size microphones, and because of its low price, it becomes affordable to use shock mounts in live performances on stage.

Sanken Microphones CMS-10Sanken's newest mic, the CMS-10, is the world's first camera-mount stereo shotgun mic. The CMS-10 is ideally suited to today's high-definition cameras because of its extraordinary performance in matching the selected sound with the camera's picture. This is due to the CMS-10's ability to maintain high directionality even in a noisy situation or in an environment with pronounced echo.

Schoeps MK 41 V and CCM 41 VGSide-address versions of the popular MK supercardioid capsule and CCM compact microphone. Frequency response is 50-20k Hz at 2 dB. The MK 41 V is $1,165; the CCM 41 VG is $1,960.

Sennheiser MKH800MKH800 condenser microphone for recording studio, broadcast and film. Capable of handling new high-fidelity audio storage mediums such as Super Audio CD and audio DVD. Frequency response extends to 50 kHz. Dynamic range of 126 dB. Self-noise of only 10 dB(A). Utilizes the wider frequency response and dynamic range of 24- bit/96kHz standards.

Shure KSM44The KSM44 is a multiple-pattern (cardioid, omni, bidirectional), large diaphragm, side-address studio condenser microphone with extremely low self-noise and an externally biased design. It provides an extended frequency response tailored for studio vocal tracking as well as instrument recording applications.

Shure WL50 Series LavaliersWith a weight of only 0.34 grams and a diameter of 5.8 mm, the new WL50 Subminiature Lavalier Microphone is so small that it virtually disappears when in use. These omnidirectional condenser units have a frequency response of 20 to 20k Hz, and come standard with four equalization caps that can be interchanged as required to assure optimal sound and clarity for various microphone applications. Ideally suited for theater, broadcast and event production.

Soundelux Microphones ELUX 251Modeled after the famous Telefunken 251, the Soundelux ELUX 251 tube mic will offer the same performance as vintage models, but at a significantly lower cost. The ELUX 251's "no compromise" construction is hand crafted, and all components are hard-wired. This meticulous attention to detail has created an exceptional one-of-a-kind microphone that requires not equalization to record perfect vocals, drums and ensemble settings. Set includes full linear power supply, shock mount and road case.

Soundman OKM IIThe Soundman OKM II is a German-manufactured binaural stereo microphone headset which utilizes omnidirectional electret condenser microphones. By positioning the microphones in the users' ears, recordings are possible which correspond to the users' subjective perception of sound and during re-play, especially via headphones. This creates a startling impression of three-dimensional space. The Soundman OKM can also be used as a boundary-layer microphone and as a lavalier microphone.

Stedman Proscreen PS101All-metal design pop screen with gooseneck. PS101 does not roll off high frequency and eliminates all popping "P" sounds. PS101 comes with lifetime warranty.

Studio Projects C Series MicsThe C Series is a joint effort between Studio Projects and 797 Audio, resulting in a new line of superior-sounding large diaphragm condenser mics using the latest in manufacturing and materials, providing high-quality mics at an affordable price. The models are the C1 fixed cardioid ($299.99 retail). The C3, a 3-pattern with pad and high-pass filter ($599.99); and the T3 is a dual-triode tube design with variable power supply and case. All mics include shock mounts.